Expand Your Sphere with Social Media Week 3 – Relevant Content

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Welcome to Week Three of the Expand Your Sphere with Social Media Self-Directed Learning.

Relevant Content

In this week, we’ll discuss how to find relevant content, properly engage in discussions, and we’ll also provide helpful pointers for working with social media to grow relationships.

Update Often!

Frequent updates to your social media sites are a critical step to building loyal readership. Creating your own content helps you engage the audience, but reposting other people’s content and including your own editorial commentary is worthwhile too. By posting topical and current content on your social networking sites, you can:

  • Grow your audience over time
  • Retain readership
  • Direct traffic to your “core” online presence – your blog, website, or Facebook fan page.

Finding Relevant Content

You can write your own content from scratch, based on your experiences in the industry or the community but some people find it easier to add their unique perspective or editorial commentary to existing online articles. Posting regular updates can be as easy as sharing news and stories from external sources such as:

  • Your local MLS board
  • Realtor.com® www.realtor.com
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Real Estate News websites

When sharing stories from external sources, be sure to provide your own interpretation of the story. Write a sentence or two or a paragraph explaining to your target audience how the article (news story, video, etc.) impacts them. This is where you can showcase your professional expertise, by pointing out newsworthy, interesting, and relevant items to your audience; they’ll begin to see you as the local expert in your market.

It is recommended to include relevant excerpts to the article in your post, and provide a link back to the full original article.


Note: If you are going to include a copy of the full article, be sure to get permission from the author first.

Allocate a block of time designated to manage your social media sites. This can be easily done in Top Producer CRM by creating a repeating appointment.


For more detailed information about creating repeating activities in Top Producer CRM, see Creating a Recurring Activity.

Two-Way Communication

Unlike traditional media (TV, radio, newspapers) which function as one-way broadcasts, social media nurtures two-way communication. Businesses are successfully using social media to discuss ideas with their audiences, to receive feedback, and engage in dialogue.



  • Be genuine and sincere in what you say. People can detect when you aren’t being truthful online.
  • Don’t use social media as an avenue for direct selling. You likely have an IDX or Listings section of your website dedicated to this purpose. Use Social media to engage in conversations with your customers, to build relationships with your customers, and to share your knowledge, enthusiasm, and expertise. Blogging is a great medium for encouraging dialogue. Focus your social media content on subjects of industry and community interest to grow your relationships, rather than to move inventory.
  • Be timely! When you hear about something that impacts your target demographic or community, write about it immediately. Posting immediately as the news breaks has huge potential to bring a larger audience than it would otherwise.

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