Expand Your Sphere with Social Media Week 2 – Implementing your Social Media Plan

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Welcome to Week Two of the Expand Your Sphere with Social Media Self-Directed Learning

Implementing your Social Media Plan

With the completion of your Social Media Worksheet as discussed in Week 1, you will have a clear objective that will assist you in establishing a successful social media campaign. Time to put that plan into action!

The first step in implementing your social media plan is to sign-up and become familiar with the social media sites that you included as part of your online marketing plan. In the tables below, there is a list of the most popular social media sites. You may want to add some of these social networking tools to your existing online communication arsenal. The table contains links to sign-up pages and links to the corresponding Help / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sections. Click on the appropriate link in the table to navigate to these sites. We have included a Recommended Topics column with links to the social media sites’ online help articles. These articles will help you quickly become an effective user of the selected social media site.

Common Social Networking Sites

Social Media Site URL Online Help/FAQ Recommended Topics
facebookFacebook http://www.facebook.com/ Online Help
twitterTwitter https://twitter.com/ Twitter Basics
youtube http://www.youtube.com/ YouTube Help
flickr https://www.flickr.com/ Flickr FAQ
linkedinLinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/ Learning Center

For a list of popular free blog services, please see Popular Free Blog Services.

Tip: It is a good idea to create profiles for as many social media sites as possible to protect the online brand name you established in the Social Media Worksheet. Although you may not include all of these sites in your current online marketing plan, there is no harm in reserving your username and branding for future use.

Promoting your Social Media Sites

When you have signed up and familiarized yourself with basic of features of these social media sites, your next task is drive traffic to them. Below are some strategies to help draw attention to your social media activity.

  1. Adding Links to Email and Forum Signatures

    One of the easiest ways to start promoting you Social Media Sites is to include links in your email Signature. In Table 1 above, there is a link to the official approved icons provided by the Social Media sites that can be used within your signature.

  2. Creating Badges/Widgets to Add to your Website

    Adding a widget or badge to your personal website is a great way to promote your online communication channels. Most social media services will include instructions on generating a badge – some even include a badge generator. Once the badge is created you can then publish it to your website(s). Listed below are some links to available badge generators.

  3. Adding linked icons to your Market Snapshot

    If you subscribe to Market Snapshot, you can add social media icons by following the instructions Here.

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