Expand Your Sphere with Social Media Week 4 – Facebook

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Welcome to Week Four of the Expand Your Sphere with Social Media Self-Directed Learning.


This week we’re looking at the benefits of the Facebook business page as an online channel to grow your sphere and attract business. Facebook is currently the largest social media site with over 500 million users. Many agents already have a Personal Profile setup within Facebook. This personal profile is best used to promote and build personal relationships or as a one to one communication tool. If you would like to use Facebook to promote your real estate business and services you may find a Facebook Page provides more benefit.

A Facebook Page has the flexibility of a customizable presence that can be accessed by any prospect publically (viewers do not have to be your Facebook Friend.) This page functions very similarly to your personal profile with these added benefits:

  • More customizable options than a Personal Profile (Such as adding tabs and Applications)
  • Indexed by search engines (so you can be found through Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.)
  • Unlimited “friends” list (Personal Pages have a 5000-friend limit.)
  • Can send messages as updates to all your members (like’s) or filter your message recipients by demographics pulled from the “Friends” profile.
  • Can create ads
  • Allows multiple administrators – delegate maintenance tasks to an assistant, office manager, etc.
  • Reporting tools – monitor activity of Page visitors (engagement, follower growth,) ad impressions and clicks, and more.

Creating A Facebook Page

The instructions below demonstrate how to create a Facebook from your personal profile. If you have not yet created a Facebook account and wanted to create a Facebook page you could do so by Clicking Here.

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. Click the Advertising link at the bottom of your personal profile

    Click Advertising

  3. From Facebooks Ads click Facebook Page as highlighted.

    Click Facebook Page

  4. Then just click the Create a Page button in the upper right hand corner and follow the onscreen instructions.

    Click Create a Page

Promoting your Facebook Page

As with all Social Media Tools, promotion is key. A Facebook Pages is no different, the strategies discussed in Week 2 can be directly applied to your Facebook Page as well. For additional ideas on how you can promote your Facebook Page please visit Facebook help topic Promoting your Page.

Additional Links

Below is a list of additional links that will assist you in developing and manage a successful Facebook Page.

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