Welcome to Week Five of the Expand Your Sphere with Social Media Self-Directed Learning


This week we will review what’s required to get a successful blog started and look at some blogging strategies to increase readership and engagement.

Starting a Blog

Before starting a blog you want to ask (and answer) a couple questions:

  • Who is going to be the audience for the blog?
  • What will be the focus point of the subject matter communicated on your blog?

If you can’t immediately answer these questions - you may want to refer back to your Social Media Plan that you developed in Week 1 of this self-directed learning cycle. (Plan template available here)

Numerous free blog services are available – two of which are listed in the second table of week two. Choosing a blogging service is a personal preference so you may want to review the options provided to determine which one best suits you.

Blogging Strategies

Below is a list of several strategies that will assist you in building a successful blog. You will find the strategies discussed below apply not only to blogs but to other Social Media tools as well as discussed in Week 3.

  • Update often
  • Keep the Content Relevant
  • Keep The Content Original
    • If you would like to reference external content in your post, instead of copying the entire article provide a link to the article then provide your own interpretation.
    • Can quote from other articles just make sure the source is credited.
  • Allow comments on your posts to promote interactivity and reader engagement.
  • Make your contact information readily available on your Blog.
  • Advertise your blog updates via Twitter and/or Facebook to reach out to your audience.

Blogging ChecklistBlogging Checklist

The blogging checklist available here will help you start blogging the right way from day one!

Additional Information

There is a lot of information available on the internet with different ideas on how to develop a successful blog. Below is a list of links that you will want to review to gather blogging ideas.


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