Welcome to Week Six of the Market Snapshot: Lead Generation Self Learning.

Reporting Features

This week we’ll discuss Market Snapshot’s reporting features. You’ve set up Market Snapshot and given it the exposure it needs to generate lead traffic. The program is delivering your marketing message to all of your potential clients and establishing you as a local market expert. Now what?

The answer is to use Market Snapshot’s reporting features to help you tailor your approach even further and give the hottest of your leads the attention they need to develop them into Listings!

Once you have Lead Capture forms created and published across various advertising channels as explored in previous tips (Week 1 and Week 4) you’ll want to analyze incoming leads for a couple of things: Market Snapshot “views” and the overall performance of your various lead sources.

Market Snapshot Views

Why is it important for me to know which clients are viewing their snapshot reports most often?

Consider 5 leads that you received at about the same time who all fit the same client profile – looking to sell similar homes, or looking to buy similar properties. When you have time to make 1 call to cultivate a relationship, which prospect will you choose?

Top Marketer’s Performance Reports give you the information you need to make these kinds of decisions. Used properly, they can help you focus your efforts and identify aspects of your marketing plan that may benefit from increased attention. To access the Performance Reports, simply log into your Market Snapshot control panel, point to Inquiries, and then click on Performance Report. The window below will be displayed:

Top Marketer Performance Report

In the lower left hand side of the window is the Most Viewed section. This will show you which of your leads has viewed the Market Snapshot you sent them and how many times they have viewed it. This can be an important tool in assessing the lead’s readiness to transact, as the more interested they are, the more they will keep coming back to the information you provide them.

Viewing Leads By Source:

Another important metric you can use to assess the leads that Market Snapshot is providing you is to break down how many leads you are receiving from each lead source you have defined. Knowing which sources are generating leads and which aren’t can help you decide how best to spend the time and money you devote to your marketing efforts and avoid wasting time on less productive options.

To access a list of your leads by source, simply point to Inquiries, and then click Inquiry Report. Once the report is displayed, you can use the fields at the top to narrow down the information. Use the Inquiry Source field to filter the report by specific sources. This will show you at a glance which sources are productive and which are not. The Print icon in the upper right allows you to print a copy of the report, and the Export icon allows you to save the report as a file. To see a sample of what an export file looks like, you can download an example export file here (.csv format).