Welcome to Week Four of the Market Snaphot: Lead Generation Self Learning.

Maximize Exposure

This week we will show you how to position Market Snapshot in a variety of different media. From targeted websites, social media, email, or even print ads; the more exposure you give Market Snapshot, the harder it will work for you! Market Snapshot is designed to attract leads from multiple channels – the more ways you distribute the form, the more prospects you will present with your call to action. More exposure means more leads!

With Market Snapshot, you can sign up as many prospects as you like, the monthly subscription price stays the same. You’re paying for the service, so be sure to use Market Snapshot to its full potential. Use the Snapshot to attract leads by using:

Single-purpose Landing Pages

Landing pages with a URL specific to neighborhoods or communities you are targeting. Selecting an effective domain was discussed previously in Week 1 and Week 2. The steps to create a standalone landing page are shown here.

Example Inquiry Capture Forms
Market Snapshot Widget Examples


Website Widgets

Visitors to your website are looking for “take-away” value – consider inserting the Market Snapshot widget into relevant sections of your website to fill that demand. Use the small form as a side-bar on your listings page. The steps to insert a widget onto your Top Producer Website or Featured Website are available here.

Example Market Snapshot Widget
Market Snapshot “web-box” widget embedded into Listings page of a website


You can also post a link to the full-page form on your main menu called “Market Update.” Simply create a menu item that links directly to your Market Snapshot page, using the Text Link available when creating the Lead Capture Form. For instructions on how to create an External Link Page in your Top Producer Website, click here.

Email Signature

Insert a Market Snapshot link in your email signature. For instructions to insert a link into the signature of several popular email programs, visit the Market Snapshot Capturing Leads Section.

Enhance the link in your email by using a clickable picture. Instead of a text link, consider adding an eye-catching graphic with a link.

Click here for instructions on how to do this.
Manual HTML

If you are familiar with basic HTML coding, and know how to host photos in an online application like PhotoBucket, you can create a clickable image by using the html code below, replacing the red text with your own links.


For example, this code:

Find out how much properties in your neighborhood are selling for, and how quickly! Click the sample Market Report below to sign up!

<a href="http://www.homeinsight.com/Widget/default.asp?IDZPY0GVZ28J " target="_blank"><img src="http://i831.photobucket.com/albums/zz235/servogeek/61%20Ave%20Suite/MarketSnapshotMainPage.jpg" border="0" alt="Get a Free Market Report!"></a>

Turns into a clickable image similar to the below:

Example Craigslist Ad

Mining Your Top Producer CRM Database

Turn Cold into GOLD! Assign a Market Snapshot to past clients or prospects that you’ve fallen out of touch with. Take advantage of this automated “set-it-and-forget-it” follow-up to farm your own Top Producer CRM database. Instructions to do this are available here.

And more!

Consider adding a call to action and web link to your business cards, newsletters, flyers, or display ads in conventional print media.

Print Ad Examples