Welcome to Week Three of the Market Snaphot: Lead Generation Self Learning

Domain Name Registration

This week we’ll delve a little more deeply into the fundamentals of Domain Registration and show you how you can make the registration process as easy as possible. We’ll also provide you with a few tricks to maximize your exposure and position yourself as the local market expert!

Market Snapshot uses Lead Capture Forms to gather leads from multiple sources – from your website(s), from a link in your email signature, from online classified ad sites or just about anywhere you can imagine.

Why register a domain?

The answer to this is simple: increased marketing appeal and search engine relevance. You can elect to use the web address provided with the Market Snapshot forms by default, however a registered domain name with keywords intended to attract your target market may be more effective at lead generation.

Default address versus registered domain

The web address created with the Market Snapshot Lead Capture form may look something like this:


Compare that web address to a keyword-loaded domain name like:


Ask yourself: Which website address would I want to include in my email signature? On my business card? In postcards, print ads, or on my bus stop benches?

Registering your own domain benefits you by providing:

  • Marketing Appeal: A well-chosen domain name can capture the consumer’s imagination.
  • Keyword Relevance: More hits via commonly searched real estate terms.
  • Personalization: Customize your lead capture forms with unique domain names to stand out from the crowd.
  • Memorable Web Address: Prospects will remember the name of the site.
  • More Visits to Your Page: Increases the likelihood that prospects will heed your call to action and request your market update (Market Snapshot).

How to register

When you have decided on the domain name you want to use (and determined if it is still available,) you can register your domain with the help of the Top Producer Customer Care department at 1-800-8300 (select option 6,) or on your own through a site like www.godaddy.com. Be sure to use the keyword tools you learned about in Week 2 – Choosing a Domain Name.

It is recommended to lease your domain for multiple years. A longer-term lease on the domain name helps with your search engine ranking and there are often discounts for registering for a longer period.

Domain Name Forwarding

Once your new domain name is registered, you need only complete a few steps to forward this new web address to your Market Snapshot Lead Capture form. This can be completed on your own, or with the help of the Customer Care department.

Multiple Domain Name Registrations

You may elect to register multiple domain names for all the different markets you want to target. Some examples:

  • Target a specific city: tulalipbayhomeprices.com
  • Target a specific neighborhood: georgetownseattlehomes.com
  • Target a specific property development name: SeattleCloverfieldCondos.com

A well-chosen domain name can be a memorable, effective marketing tool. When registering multiple Domains, it is important to keep track of your Domain account settings – including the Registrar Name, when the Domain will expire, and were the Domain goes to. For your convenience, we’ve created a downloadable PDF table that you can print or save to your computer. Record your important information on the table for future reference. Download PDF.