Welcome to Week Two of the Market Snaphot: Lead Generation Self Learning.

Choosing a Domain Name

This week we’ll learn how best to select and use your domain name in order to give it maximum exposure on the internet. Follow these tips and before you know it, you will have a steady stream of new leads generated by the traffic your domain attracts!

Picking a Domain Name

An inexpensive and effective way to connect with your target audience online is through a well chosen “keyword relevant” domain name. This week’s tip will show you how to select a potent domain name using freely available online tools.

Selecting an Effective Domain Name:

Select your domain name(s) based on consumer browsing habits. Consider, when someone wants to search for information online they’ll likely load up Google.com and perform a search. What words or phrases do people search for when they’re thinking about a real estate transaction? Often they are interested in learning about property values in a specific city, community, or property development. The consumer may also want community information on amenities, recreation opportunities, schools, shopping and so on. Think about the words or phrases that consumers will search for, and register a domain that incorporates those keywords.

Keywords and Phrases:

As an industry expert in your community, you probably have a good idea of the types of words or phrases that consumers in your target market will be searching for online. Below are some basic suggestions to consider when registering a domain name:

  • property values
  • home prices
  • house values
  • real estate prices
  • your city name
  • your target community/area name
  • specific house development name

Tip: There may be regional differences in the type of phrase you choose. For example consumers living in the Southwest may search for “home values,” prospects in the Northeast may search for “home prices,” and consumers in the deep south may be using the search phrase “property value.” As a local expert, you are in a position to identify the best keywords or phrases for your area.

Google Adwords:

There are numerous keyword tools to help identify effective phrases. One of the easy-to-use keyword tools available online is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, available at https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

Google Adwords is designed to assist people to advertise within Google but the Keyword tool is also useful in identifying search volumes for keywords and phrases. The tool also suggests alternate words and phrases you might want to use.

Using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool: The Keyword Tool asks for a keyword or phrase, type that into the text box provided (See #1 below). For your first search you are asked to type the letters and numbers displayed in the “Captcha” box (See #2 and #3 below). Click the Get keyword ideas button (See #4 below) to view the keyword analysis.


The keyword results display as shown in Figure 2 below.

Google Keywords Results

In addition to listing the search popularity of your submitted keywords and phrases, the results also suggest related words/phrases for your consideration. The Local Search Volume column gives an indication of the national popularity of each suggested keyword/phrase – it tells you the search popularity of words and phrases.

Using a blend of “general” keyword phrases like home prices, and targeted, specific keywords like your city name or community name can get you a home-run domain name like PacificNorthwesthomeprices.com or georgetownseattlehomeprices.com.

Additional Resources:

Another Google tool provides interesting information. Google Trends (http://www.google.com/trends) provides a graphical representation of search popularity over time and allows users to compare different phrases. Google Trends also provides a Hot Searches list. These show topics that are seeing a lot of search activity for the current day – helpful if you’re searching for topical subject matter for your Website or Blog.

For more information on Domain Names, visit the Websites Domain Name Support Section.