Welcome to Week One of the Market Snaphot: Lead Generation Self Learning.

Analyzing Lead Sources

This week we’ll learn how analysis of your incoming leads in the Top Marketer Control Panel can show you which channels are attracting the most prospects and generating the most return on your efforts.

It is important for you as an agent to know where your leads are coming from. Pursuing leads through half a dozen different sources can take some time and effort to keep organized. Wouldn’t you like to know which of those sources are generating the most leads? Armed with the knowledge of what channels are working best, you may choose to increase your marketing efforts in those channels. When a specific channel does not generate leads, you may need to adjust your marketing message – or you might decide that the lead source is not worth the effort.

In this section we’ll look at the advantage of using a different capture form for each marketing channel you use.

Note: For more information about Inquiry Capture Setup, watch the Market Snapshot Inquiry Capture Video Tutorial. For more information on Market Snapshot in general, visit the Market Snapshot Section.

Each lead you receive through a Market Snapshot capture form is automatically assigned a marketing source (called the Agent Inquiry Source.) A quick scan of incoming leads will tell you which marketing channels are attracting leads, and which channels may need additional effort to generate leads effectively.

For example, imagine you use a Market Snapshot capture form to attract leads through your Website, Craigslist and an Email Signature. You will want to create three inquiry capture forms with three unique Agent Inquiry Sources. You may want to use a table like the one below to keep track of which Agent Inquiry Source matches which marketing channel and Inquiry Capture form link.

Marketing Channel Agent Inquiry Source Example Inquiry Capture Form Links
Agent Website www.joetamparealty.com http://www.homeinsight.com/Widget/default.asp?15CPK20SS2RN
Craigslist Craigslist http://www.homeinsight.com/Widget/default.asp?IDZPY0GVZ28J
Email Signature John’s Email Sig http://www.homeinsight.com/Widget/default.asp?GHTQVSI1DNDA

For your convenience, we’ve provided a downloadable PDF to help you keep track of your sources. You can download the PDF here, then print it or save it to your computer.

Each Market Snapshot lead funneled into your marketing system will have a source automatically assigned to it. A quick glance at the Source applied to your new leads will tell you which channel(s) are prospecting to best effect. As shown in the below image, Craigslist and the website www.joetamparealty.com have each generated 3 leads, (circled in red below.) Note the lead capture form distributed through the agent’s newsletter has only attracted 1 lead – an indication that this channel is not attracting attention. The agent may want to adjust the messaging in the newsletter, provide a stronger call to action, or increase distribution of the newsletter.

Market Snapshot Inquiry List

When you use a different lead capture form for each marketing channel, you can analyze incoming leads to determine which sources are working best for you. It is up to you to focus on the channels that are working for you, or adjust your messaging in the channels that are not generating the expected leads.

The next topic in our series will look at some simple, cost-effective ways to attract leads through two of the most popular online classified sites: Craigslist and Kijiji.