by Dirk Zeller

Numerous studies have shown that your tonality and body language account for over 90% of your presentation’s effectiveness. The words you select account for less than 10% of your effectiveness. If you’re focusing on finding the right words, as most salespeople are, you are not focusing on the areas of your presentation that are most important.  If you don’t know what to say, all you can do is focus on the words to say.  If you know what to say, you can now begin to focus on the tonality and body language. 

There are four parts to a great presentation:


Webster defines conviction as a fixed or firm belief. I’d add that there is nothing more compelling than conviction. 

Your unshakable belief that you are the right person for the job and can accomplish the task will set you apart from the competition.  Your conviction in the value of their home will earn their trust, even if your price is lower than other Agents’. Your bedrock belief about where the marketplace is headed, backed by statistics that prove your belief and conviction, sells you and shows them why they should do business with you.  People are attracted to people who have conviction.  They trust, admire, and respect people with conviction, even when they don’t agree with them. 

Before you go on a listing presentation, decide the core truths that you are going to express to them with absolute conviction. You don’t want to have ten things or core truths.  You need half a dozen or less.  If your core truths are in line with the Seller’s thinking, all the better.  If their views are opposite yours, you know that your persuasion and resolve need to increase to move them to your point of view.  Our goal is to have strong enough conviction to get them to sign the contract. 


There is an old saying . . . enthusiasm sells.  Sellers want to work with Agents who are enthusiastic about their home.  If you don’t like (or express enthusiasm about) their property, you reduce your ability to secure the listing. If the market is changing or tough, you have to be honest; you can’t just hide market realities.  Too many Agents are only enthusiastic about getting the listing.  They aren’t enthusiastic enough to get the home priced right in order to get it sold. Any Agent can show enthusiasm and demonstrate that they are excited about the opportunity to list the home and represent the Seller’s interests.  Your listing presentation will be more interesting if you are enthusiastic about the Sellers, the home, your career, and the real estate business. 


I know that my edge as a new Agent was my confidence.  I am not completely sure where that confidence came from, besides athletics.  I was new to the game of real estate, but I was confident I was the best Agent for the Seller.  I really believe that my background as a professional athlete made me immune to the lack of confidence syndrome most new Agents posses. 

I believe we all need to tap into victories we have had in the past.  Those are so valuable.  As you increase your confidence in preparation, it allows you to prepare with more passion because of your expectation of winning. 

If you lack confidence, determine what you need to do to upgrade your belief in yourself.  What do you need to upgrade in you ability to achieve long-term success in real estate sales?  What knowledge should you acquire that will raise your confidence? What activities would help increase your confidence? What skills do you need to master to dramatically increase your confidence?  What one thing, if you did it with excellence, would change your self-confidence? 

The great success motivator Napoleon Hill says, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  What Napoleon was saying was that anything the mind can grab hold of and accept as truth will come to be.  This is true of both positive and negative thoughts.


One of the single biggest mistakes of non-Champion performers is not wanting to be seen as too pushy or aggressive in how they sell.  Most of us wimp out before the close.  We are not willing to assertively ask for the business.  One way to overcome that is to tell the client up front that you are going to ask for their business.  That way, they expect you to do it.  They are not surprised when you ask them to sign the contract.  It also sets you up, in advance, for when you get to the end of your presentation.  You’d better ask for the order because you said you would. 

The definition of a great salesperson is “a person who convinces someone to do something that is beneficial to them or convinces them to do it faster.  

Going for the close or asking for the order is not pushy. If you don’t have enough confidence in your service and skill and value, you should get out of the business.  Your confidence will sell. As a Real Estate Agent, your job is to persuade prospects that you have the best service and the best value.  The best value is not price, but by factoring in all the benefits of your service, your present the best value.  Our job is to link our benefits with their service expectations.  Then, ask them to act now, so you can help them.

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