Getting Started With Top Producer: Marketing Service Reports


As a real estate professional, the quality of services that you provide to your clients is what sets you apart from other agents in your area. Put simply, positive customer experiences lead to repeat business.

In order to build those positive customer experiences, you know that you not only need to act on behalf of your clients, but you need to let the clients know just how hard you are working for them. Top Producer provides you with the tools you need to keep your clients up to date at all times.

Start by creating a Listing. Top Producer’s powerful Listing features allow you to keep track of every detail in your transactions. You can link listings to existing contact records so that you can import their property details, or you can enter in their MLS number to instantly populate your Top Producer Listings! Apply a Listing Action Plan and you’ll never lose sight of the many activities that you’ll perform on behalf of your clients.

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Now that you have your Listing created and have assigned a Listing Action Plan to it, how do you let your customers know what you are doing on their behalf? That’s where Top Producer’s Marketing Service Reports come in.

Service Reports store the details about the completed activities you’ve performed on behalf of your listing client. These details can include a description, date and time, cost, and notes. Any time you complete an activity linked to your Listing you will be prompted to add that activity to your Service Report. You can then create the Service report and print it, email it, or even post it on a website and allow your clients day and night access to the report! Your clients are sure to be impressed at how hard you are working on their Listing!

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When it comes to Service reports, automation is the icing on the cake! Like many features in Top Producer, Service Report Plans allow you to present a highly personalized service to your clients in an almost effortless way! Top Producer allows you to automatically create Service Reports complete with your own customized text and graphics, and send them at intervals that you control. Put your best foot forward and let Top Producer show your Listing clients the true value of the services you provide!

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