Getting Started With Top Producer: Managing and Prioritizing Tasks

calendarToday’s tech-savvy real estate consumer wants more responsiveness from their agent than ever before. Customers find you online, contact you, request information, and expect to hear back quickly. Your customers aren’t likely to cut you any slack because you’re busy. They want their needs seen to as quickly as possible.

You’re not likely to get less busy any time soon. The key difference that will keep clients coming back to you comes down to organization and automation. If you use the Scheduling and Action Plan functions that Top Producer provides, you’ll leave every one of your clients feeling like they received your undivided attention. This means repeat business and strong word-of-mouth.

Your first step is to make use of Top Producer’s Scheduler functions. Top Producer’s Scheduler provides you with a versatile tool that can be used on any Windows-based PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, or Android Device. Whether you want to schedule a meeting with a client, remind yourself to perform an activity for one of your listings, or send out a mass email to a group of your clients, the Scheduler is where you want to be.

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One area of your business that is sure to benefit from the automation and scheduling tools in Top Producer is your Lead Management. When a Lead is deciding whether or not list their property with you, every minute counts. Top Producer provides you with the tools that can make the difference between impressing a potential client and losing them to another agent. If you add in Top Producer’s Market Snapshot product, you’ll be capturing more business every day!

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