Getting Started with Top Producer: Action Plans

One of Top Producer’s most powerful features is the ability to automate follow up while retaining the personal touch that gets potential clients interested in the services you offer. This is the goal of the program’s Action Plan features.

Top Producer comes preloaded with a library of Plans in both English and Spanish that address virtually every prospecting or follow-up scenario. Ideally, you should assign a Plan to every contact. Your Farm, your Sphere, Web leads, Expireds, everyone. The plans are easy to customize or create from scratch. When Plan tasks come due, you’re automatically reminded to perform them in the Activity Summary and the My Business section of the Home page.

The best place to start when looking at Action Plans is to have a look at the built-in plans. They can be found by pointing to Calendar and then clicking on Plans Manager.


This will display a list of the available Action Plans in Top Producer, along with their Descriptions. Clicking on any of the plans will show you the details of that plan – what activities it contains and when they are scheduled.

Once you are familiar with the plans themselves, you are going to want to do one of two things: Either customize them to meet your specific follow-up needs or start applying the default plans to your contacts right away!

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