Certified Trainers and Certified Professionals are independent business operators providing service to REALTORS® and Real Estate Offices. They have been certified by Top Producer as qualified and knowledgeable in Top Producer products. Feel free to use the list below and contact a Certified Trainer or Professional.

Contact Information Profile

Karen Pavich
USA, Canada
Certified Trainer
Hands On, Online

Karen Pavich has been a Certified Trainer and Certified Consultant of Top Producer CRM Software since 1998.

She brings a wealth of practical experience and insight into using the features of Top Producer CRM software. Karen was a REALTOR® for 5 years and the Administrative Assistant to an award winning REALTOR® for over 10 years. She now exclusively helps REALTORS® understand and implement Top Producer CRM software into their busy day, to systematically manage and grow their real estate business.

Karen has over 27 years of experience actually using Top Producer CRM software. She’s been you, she’s been your assistant. She knows how to get results and she shares her secrets with you. She gets you up and running fast and she makes it easy, because a busy REALTOR® like you doesn’t have time for complicated.

If you want to be organized, on task and making more money, you need to work with Karen. She provides the tools (Action Plans, Listing and Closing Checklists, content) and strategies you need to achieve unlimited success in your real estate career.

If you’re looking for someone to help set up your TPCRM system the right way, then show you step by step exactly how to understand, implement and get results from Top Producer CRM software, you need to work with Karen.

Karen offers an easy to follow, step by step 7 week Real Estate CRM Success BOOTCAMP program. At the end of the 7 weeks you’re organized and strategically on task using TopProducer CRM to systematically manage and grow your business. She even covers how to use the program when you have or wish to build a team.

With Bootcamp, Karen gives you Action Plans and Listing and Closing Checklists that she has personally built. To save you hours of time and to ensure everything is set up correctly, the Plan structures, Checklists, content messages and activity tasks are put into your Top Producer database for you. You can start using everything right away!

Get peace of mind knowing your Mass Marketing Plans, activities and templates, your entire CRM system has been set in motion by a Certified Top Producer Trainer and recognized Expert with over 2 decades of experience.

What REALTORS® are saying after taking Bootcamp.

“I am finally excited about using Top Producer”
“I had no idea it was this powerful.”
“Thank you thank you thank you!”
“I’m actually shocked at the amount of new things I’ve been able to do with the Top Producer Program since starting the boot camp. I’ve learned lots of new things with the weekly lessons, but I’ve also taught myself so many way more efficient ways to use the system than what I have been doing for years. I’m so glad I reached out and joined your class!
Thank you!!!!”

Don’t have time to commit to the full course? How about 90 minutes?

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Douglas S. Perry
USA, Canada
Certified Trainer, Consultant, Reseller,
Hands-On, Scenario-Based, In-Person, Live-Online

Organize Your Business, Save Time, Succeed!

Strategic Real Estate Trainers is your one-stop shop for all things related to Top Producer. With nearly 30 years experience in real estate sales, property management, and training, we offer expertise in the following areas:


Our trainers have worked at national real estate franchises, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. Our training is hands-on, scenario-based, and interactive. It can be conducted in-person or live-online.


Need help setting things up? Want to customize Top Producer to meet your specific needs? We can analyze, design, construct, implement, and evaluate a solution perfect for you.


Are there ever enough hours in the day to get everything done? You’ve thought about an assistant, but hiring, training, and holding someone accountable seems overwhelming. And where will they work, what tools and equipment must you provide?

A virtual assistant for projects or ongoing support may be the answer. Our knowledgeable and experienced VAs are ready to assist you.


Stephen Miller
(949) 800-9135
Certified Trainer
Hands On, Online
More than 29 years experience selling homes and more than 900+ closed escrows. I’ve used Top Producer since 1999 and found that it’s like a $75000 assistant for my business. It automates so much, I have more time to close deals. I’ve been training professionals since 2005 so I don’t get stumped very often!
Melissa Dailey
Certified Trainer
Hands On, Online

Software & Technical Specialist with over 13 years in the real-estate industry & 10 years as a certified trainer for Top Producer Systems as well as other real estate business solutions. I have helped some of the top agents in the US by helping streamline, automate and increase their business using the best online and software solutions in the industry.

Services Offered: I offer all real-estate system consulting services that include training, system implementation, and technical support to individual agents, teams and/or entire offices.

Training: I provide classroom, hands-on, virtual, one-on-one and webinar training services.

Systems Automation & Marketing Implementation: Agents retain my services to implement marketing, follow-up or automation of current systems.

Office Technical/Software Support: Broker or office manager will retain my services on an ongoing basis to train and support all agents or teams in the office.

Software Knowledge & Certifications: Top Producer Suite of products, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Adobe, DocuSign, Zipforms, Constant Contact, Relay, Redfin, Zillow, Equator, Gmail, Hotmail, GoDaddy, OneNote, Digital Ink. Experience w/ all US MLS Systems

Debi Heusser
Certified Professional
I am an independent contractor with REVStaffing, which is a virtual assistant company. We offer assistance with listing marketing, advanced social media, website building and updating, database updating, lead generation, creation of BPOs and CMAs, flyer creation and much more. Contact REVStaffing for more information on how we can assist your business.
Suzanne Schrimsher
Certified Trainer
Hands On, Online
I understand the unique challenges that broker/owners/agents and their management teams face. With Top Producer and my expertise, I show Broker/Owners/Agents how to build and increase profitability. Their ultimate success comes with tailored solutions. I analyze their business and then build their Top Producer to match that business plan.
Coach Carol Mazur
Certified Trainer
Hands On, Online

“Which real estate database CRM should I choose?” The answer we get most in our high level top producer masterminds from agents doing 50 to 600 units a year is “we use Top Producer 8i”. This is why we have chosen to coach & train you in Top Producer 8i database CRM as one of the Top 10 Systems of Top Producers.

Everything we introduce into our Real Estate Training and Real Estate Coaching must be proven to work by current top producers. Top Pro Training – Real Estate Training & Coaching is a Certified Top Producer 8i trainer. Together we will automate your real estate systems so that you can focus your energy on becoming a top producer.
Coach Carol Mazur


Casey Wilson
1-888-738-7821 x703
Certified Professional
Casey is proficient with Keller Williams eEdge, Lead Management and Generation, Listing Coordination, Social Media/Marketing Coordination and REO/BPO work along with general skills in administration, marketing, transaction coordination, and accounting. She is also certified in Top Producer, Microsoft Word, Excel and QuickBooks. Casey has previously held her real estate license in the state of Missouri.
Cheryl Pace
855-738-7821 x704
Certified Professional
Providing support as an Admin Manager to our clients and a Technical Specialist to all Virtual Assistants working with REVStaffing. She specializes in social media, web design for template websites and WordPress. Experienced in creating custom Facebook pages and custom HTML pages on web sites. Cheryl is Top Producer Certified and has worked in the back end of many different real estate web site platforms including Point2, Realpro, and Advanced Access. Experienced with Point2, Realpro, Redex, Active Agent, Realty Generator, Market Leader, IDX Broker, Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, RealPro, Craigslist syndication, Active Rain, Top Producer Blogs, exporting contacts from various web sites and importing into Top Producer. Cheryl is also experienced in REO Transactions, and is experienced in registering agents with REO web sites and doing data entry for Broker Price Opinions (BPOs). Cheryl is experienced in graphic design and can create custom marketing pieces and custom web graphics for clients. Examples will be provided upon request or seen on her Linkedin Profile. Cheryl is also trained as a wordpress developer and attends training webinars on a regular basis. Cheryl became Top Producer Certified in 2013.
Michelle Foster
(404) 372-7770
Certified Professional
Hands On, Online

I have been working in the Real Estate industry for over 10 years in both commercial and residential real estate. I have a thorough understanding of how the industry works and am consistently developing skills to assist agents with their business by organizing and developing their current systems.

I love to work virtually and Top Producer is a fantastic option for agents on the go. I have been serving agents across the country and currently have clients in CA, WA, MA and NJ as well as locally. I am glad to answer any questions you may have.

Gina Bell
(770) 633-6070
Certified Professional
I have my own virtual administrator company, Office Solutions 4 U, offering 15 years of experience in the real estate industry handling all aspects of an agent’s daily administrative activities. I am certified through NAR as a Real Estate Professional Assistant as well as being a licensed Realtor. I can help you get Top Producer set up to where it can be utilized to its fullest potential and also help with maintaining it. I also offer a full range of services to meet your other real estate needs as well.
Shirley Anderson
Certified Professional
Shirley Anderson lives in Woodstock, GA and has many years of real estate assistant experience, from managing real estate offices to being a personal assistant for agents in the Metro Atlanta area. She works with listings and listing maintenance, also adding them to the agent’s websites such as Postlets, RealBird, Craigslists, KW.com, Realtor.com, Point2Agent, Top Producer and the agent’s personal website. Shirley is Top Producer Certified and does BPOs and MMRs, also uploading invoices to bank sites for reimbursement for our REO agents. Handling lead calls to be the first point of contact for agents from their lead generation sites, Zillow, Commissions Inc and Boomtown.
Melissa Eades
855-738-7821 x713
Certified Professional
Melissa lives in Indiana, and has been working virtually for over 12 years. She has experience working with Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Coaches, Small Business owners, and Entrepreneurs. She has worked with Real Estate Agents and Coaches across the US and Canada alike. Her areas of specialty are online listing coordination, database management, lead generation and management, and social media marketing, as well as general management and administrative skills. She is proficient with Top Producer 8i, many real estate franchise back-end platforms – with extensive training on EXIT Realty Systems & Matrix MLS Systems, Market Leader, Boomtown, RealtyJuggler, RealProSystems, and is skilled at creating and documenting system processes.
Lauren Murray
855-738-7821 x717
Actively licensed Realtor and Virtual Assistant specializing in many fields having to do with Real Estate. Other than Top Producer, I am proficient in Transaction Coordination, Lead Management, Marketing, Social Media Management, REO and General Administrative duties such as listing input, e-mail blasts, etc.
Julie Stevenson
Certified Trainer
Hands On, Online
Antonio Sanchez
(347) 320-0673
Certified Trainer
Antonio Sanchez has been in the Real Estate field for only 2 years and has been using top producer from the very beginning of his business. Get training from an active real estate agent and learn what he does in the busy market of New York City real estate.
Barbara Gifford
1-888-738-7821 x701
Certified Professional
Barbara is an experienced PREVA and our Northern Regional Manager/Sr. VA. who is also a talented Webmaster and Graphic Artist. She takes great pains to ensure client tasks are handled properly and in a timely manner. She is experienced with Social Media Marketing and SEO work. Barbara is licensed in Ohio and has been supporting Top Producing agents for over seven years. She is certified in Top Producer, and has much experience using Point2Agent, #1 Expert websites, Constant Contact, Leadstreet, Tiger leads, Homefeedback, Realtor.com, Real Pro, many MLS’s, Microsoft Office, Word Perfect, Microsoft Publisher, Pagemaker, Excel and many other Real Estate programs and services.
Tina Petriella
(440) 455-4001
Certified Professional
I have my own virtual assistance company where I have a website designer/writer and an intern who is learning social media marketing. We are able to do scheduled social media marketing, email blasts, blogging, research, transcription and many other services that are listed on my website. We are able to provide help/services to business owners to maintain, grow, and run business more efficiently and smoothly, we also are more cost effective since we work from our own office and not the company’s providing lower overhead costs. We are proactive and are able to work with your database in order to keep it organized, manageable, and staying connected to your contacts. We help find solutions to your problems. If we don’t have the solution we will find it for you. Email: busivirtualbusinesssupport@hotmail.com or Petriella.assocllc@gmail.com
Paola Comisso-Pimentel
(613) 324-0269
Certified Trainer
Hands On, Online


Working in the Real Estate profession for 12 years, and had been licensed for 8 of those years as a Sales Representative, Paola knows what Realtors need to keep their business going or getting their business to the next level – and it’s Top Producer. Using Top Producer for over a decade and training others including agents and assistants in many companies with the program, Paola has successfully brought many of her clients beyond their expectations of what Top Producer can bring to their business. Whether you’re a single agent or a team, let Paola show you what we can do for you!


Tina Cunningham
Certified Professional
Hands On, Online

I have been providing training, mentoring and administrative services to real estate agents and self employed individuals for the past 10 years. During this time I have discovered that most who are self employed do not require the services of a full or even part time assistant but can definitely use the experience and knowledge of an Office Administrator.

Areas of service include CRM Database/ Contact Management on Top Producer 8i, Initial Back to Basics Business Re-Focus/Recharge strategies, Financial Tracking, Social Media, Marketing & Drip Plans. Other services include E Card Drip Plans- Birthday-General-Prospecting etc. Action plans for clients with email reminders to agents. Client file preparation and tax preparation.

Training That Sticks- Offers Hands on Motivational Training packages from one day intensives to monthly packages on the importance of building/re-charging your business from the ground up.

Topics covered in these sessions include but are not limited to:

  • Wk 1- Who Am I? – What is my Specialty? Do I have a specific Brand & Niche?, How Did I Get Here and Where am I Going?
  • Wk 2 – How Prepared am I for the Journey Ahead? Do I have a Plan? or Am I Flying Solo?
  • Wk 3 – Who is My Target Market and How Do I Reach Them?
  • Wk 4 – The Importance of Your Client Base & How to Stay in Touch?
  • Wk 5 – Marketing – Social Media or Old Fashioned Print?
  • Wk 6 – Dollar Sense – The Importance of a Budget, Learn to work within a specific cash flow.
  • Wk 7 – All About You! – One on One Specific Projects
  • Wk 8 – Where Am I Now? Overview and let the RECHARGE begin . . .


Gary David Hall
Certified Trainer
Hands On, Online


I started in real estate sales in 1987 and started using a DOS Real Estate CRM called “Real Estate Specialist in 1988”. It was the only one out there other than “Howard and Friends”. Since then I have used many different CRMs including Top Producer and have written a book called “Choosing and Using a CRM – For Real Estate Agents and Teams”.

While an agent I went from zero transactions the first year to 43 in my fifth year. It was all due to being a student of the industry (later I was a real estate continuing education teacher for eight years) and using my CRM. Later I was also a mortgage loan originator and worked as a community sales manager for new construction. So why did I get out of real estate sales? I love teaching and have found that I’m good at.

I have worked with the CEO’s and developers of virtually all of the CRMs on the market since their origins. Being intimately familiar with so many CRMs gives me the advantage of knowing what is possible and how to accomplish it, in any CRM. No CRM is perfect, and no CRM has all the features you want, exactly the way you want them. Knowing how other CRMs accomplish things enables me to make suggestions that accomplish what you want by creating work-arounds if necessary, or simply by having a deep understanding of its existing features. My background as a computer technician, computer operations manager, technology consultant for RE/MAX of SEPA & DE and much more, also gives me a broad range of experiences from which to draw.

Since I started RE-ACT,LLC (Real Estate Automation, Consultation & Training) in 1999 my focus has been to help agents all over the world in many different kinds of markets find the right CRM for them, and then help them put it into action. My goal is to “get you over the (learning) hump” with your CRM and integrate it with the rest of your business. Once there, I promise you will look back and wonder how you ever stayed sane without it.

And by the way, my favorite quote from a previous student is “…it was nice learning from someone that does not treat you like an idiot for not knowing something”.

I speak your language. Let’s talk!


Larry Steinhouse
(215) 348-3558
(215) 378-9190
Certified Trainer
Hands On, Online

My name is Larry Steinhouse and I love helping people learn to market themselves. An average real estate agent grosses less than $2 million in real estate sales per year. With a more targeted effort, you could easily bring that figure to $9 million or more which would net you an EXTRA $125,000 per year.

But it’s not just about the money…
It’s about having more free time and not chasing every deal or every listing or every buyer.

When you work with me, I teach you to be a leader in your industry so your potential clients CHASE you because they want YOU, the expert, to help them buy or sell.

  • Imagine taking a 4 week vacation and your business doesn’t suffer
  • Imagine having so many leads that you never have to do floor time
  • Imagine getting leads automatically through online marketing that people WANT to receive

Working with me, you are working with a professional marketer with over 10 years of online and offline marketing experience. As a certified Top Producer Consultant, along with my marketing experience, you will become the Rock Star Agent you deserve to be!
Want to learn more? Visit my Website, www.LarrySteinhouse.com to learn how you can work with me to become a high performing agent.


Dennis DiDomenico
(401) 823-5558
Dayton Schrader
(210) 757-9785
(210) 385-4663
Certified Trainer
Nadine Pawlik
Certified Trainer
Hands On, Online

I have 7 yrs “hands on” experience using Top Producer as a Texas Licensed Real Estate Personal Assistant for a top producing real estate office. Top Producer 8i, is the ultimate tool for Database Management, Transaction Coordination, Direct Mail, eMarketing, Agent Networking, Recruiting, Lead Generation, Professional CMA’s, Client History, Transaction History, Social Media, Mobile Access and more.

Top Producer has so much to offer, Realtors can get a little overwhelmed. My goal is to help get your Top Producer features set up as quickly as possible so you can start seeing results. If you are anxious to get your Top Producer set up and customized for your real estate office and don’t know where to start, please contact me for a free consultation. You will be glad you did.

Visit my Website at www.REVA-NadinePawlik.com.


Addie Butts
Certified Professional
Addie resides in Austin, TX and has experience with many aspects of real estate assistance. She is proficient with social networking, especially blogging and social media marketing. She also is skilled in online listing management, database management and is excellent at making lead generation phone calls, as well as other types of “warm” calling tasks. Addie is Top Producer Certified and has worked with real estate agents all across the United States, and can assist you with your admin level tasks to free up your time, to do what you do best.
Sharon Senger
(425) 445-9266
Certified Trainer

The biggest challenges real estate agents face are lead generation and time management. As an experienced Real Estate Virtual Assistant I offer Top Producer set up and ongoing maintenance, which allows you the freedom to build your business.

If you would like to learn more about my services and package options then please visit www.TheBritishVirtualAssistant.com and complete the online form.