Top Producer® 8i CRM: Enabling Outlook Sync for Team Members

If you are the responsible agent of a team/partner account, or a single agent with an assistant, you must first grant your team members/assistants access to Top Producer Outlook Sync before they can set it up. Team members and assistants that have not yet been granted access to Top Producer Outlook Sync will not see the Integrations tab in the Settings area in Top Producer CRM.

To grant a team member access to Top Producer Outlook Sync:

  1. Log in to Top Producer CRM as the responsible agent (account owner).
  2. Open the My Account area.
  3. Click the Team Members tab and, if granting access to an assistant, click the Assistants tab.
  4. Click the agent/assistant’s name.
  5. Click Edit [Agent/Assistant] Info, and then click I want this [agent/assistant] to be able to integrate with Office 365, Google and Outlook at the bottom of the page.


  6. Click Save [Agent/Assistant] Info.
  7. The agent or assistant will now be able to log in and set up Top Producer Outlook Sync.

Log in to enable Outlook Sync for team members.

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