Top Producer® 8i CRM: Outlook Sync


Top Producer Outlook Sync seamlessly syncs your Outlook appointments and contacts with Top Producer CRM. You can sync your contacts’ names, addresses and contact details, as well as the dates, start/end times and reminder settings for your appointments. Staying on top of your calendar and contacts has never been easier! In addition, email integration allows you to copy Outlook email to Top Producer CRM for your records.

Once you have completed the setup, syncs occur automatically at scheduled times. The sync is bidirectional, which means any changes you make to your contacts in Top Producer or Outlook will be reflected in both applications.

Note that Top Producer Outlook Sync is designed for use with the Outlook application that installs on your computer, and will not work with the Outlook Web Client.

Important: If you’ve previously imported contacts from Outlook into Top Producer CRM, it’s important that you follow the recommended steps when you select the Outlook contacts you want to sync during setup.

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Note: Office 365 users may also be interested in our Office 365 integration.

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