If you’re using Gmail or Google Apps, you can sync your contacts and appointments with Top Producer CRM, and copy emails you send/receive in Gmail to Top Producer CRM.

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You can set up Top Producer Google Sync in just a few easy steps. Before proceeding, it is recommended that you do the following:

Step 1: Grant access to sync Google with Top Producer

In Top Producer, open the Settings area where you can grant access to sync Google with Top Producer (shown below).

Note: Team members and assistants need to have the responsible agent grant access to Top Producer Google Sync before they can set it up. 

  1. Click the Integrations tab.
  2. Select Google (Gmail or Google Apps).
  3. Click Sign in to Google to Grant access in your Gmail/Google Apps account.

Step 2: Contact Sync Options

In the Contact Sync Options section, specify the settings that determine how to sync your contact details. Once you’ve completed the setup, new contacts are automatically synced if you selected this option (number 2 below). Existing contacts will be synced once you manually add them to the sync list.


  1. If set to Yes, changes you make to contacts in Google will be synced to Top Producer, and vice versa.
  2. If these options are selected, all new contacts and leads you manually enter, and/or leads automatically received from lead providers in Top Producer, will automatically be added to the sync list.

Note: Regardless of the Always Add to Sync options you select, contacts you import will never automatically be set to sync. See the Google Sync FAQ for quick steps on how to set imported contacts to sync.

Step 3: Calendar Sync Options

In the Calendar Sync Options section, select the Google calendar you want to sync with. Note that only your appointments will be synced. Other types of activities you create in Top Producer (for example, to-dos) will not be synced.

Note: In order to sync your appointments with Top Producer, you must have accessed the Google Calendar at least once. If you haven’t, simply sign in to Gmail and click Calendar.


  1. If set to Yes, changes you make to your appointments in Google will be synced with Top Producer, and vice versa.
  2. Select the Google calendar you want to sync with. You can only select one calendar to sync with Top Producer.

Tip: Appointments will be synced automatically with the calendar you selected—no additional setup is required.

Step 4: Gmail Record Keeping

If you enable Gmail Record Keeping, you can copy email to Top Producer by assigning labels to the email you send/receive in Gmail. Any email you copy will appear in the Activities tab in the Top Producer Contact Record for all those associated with the email.

Important: This integration does not sync your email, but rather enables you to copy the email you send/receive in Gmail to Top Producer. For more information, see Copying Email to Top Producer.


  1. To enable Gmail Recording Keeping, select Yes.
  2. If you haven’t already, in Gmail, ensure that IMAP is enabled in your account. For more information, see Enabling IMAP in Your Google Account.

Click Save Settings & Start Google Sync. When prompted, click Yes, turn on Google Sync to enable the sync. Proceed to the final step.

Step 5: Selecting Contacts and Labeling Email

After turning on Google Sync, another prompt appears that describes the final steps required in order to sync your contacts and copy email to Top Producer.

  • If Contact Sync is enabled (step 2 above), click Open Contacts Summary to select the contacts you want to sync. For more information, see Adding Contacts to the Sync List.
  • If Gmail Record Keeping is enabled (step 4 above), click Open My Gmail Account to copy email you send/receive in Gmail to Top Producer. For more information, see Copying Email to Top Producer.