After you have completed Setting Up Facebook Integration or Setting Up Twitter integration, you can post updates to your social media account directly from within Top Producer CRM.

Note: That this feature is for posting an update to your own social media account. For information on posting an update to a contact’s Twitter account, see Tweeting and Retweeting in a Contact Record for Twitter.


In the Main Menu is the Facebook/Twitter Share button. Clicking this button will open a popup which allows you to compose your message.

Update Your Status

Note: If you have not yet set up the integration, you will be prompted to do so. If you have set up integration for only one of the two sites, you will be given the option to post only to that one site.

The steps to post to both sites are the same:

  1. At the top left, select the accounts to which you would like to post using the check boxes next to the profile images for your Twitter and/or any Facebook Business or Community Pages you may have.
  2. In the text area, type the message you would like to post. Each site has a maximum character limit for posts: 420 for Facebook, and 140 for Twitter. As you type, the counter in the lower right will reduce to show you how many characters you have remaining. If you are posting to both Facebook and Twitter, it will show the character count for Twitter as it has lower count.

    Important: If you incorporate a website address (URL) into your post, Top Producer will automatically shorten it to provide more characters for your message text.

  3. If you would like to include a photo with your post, click the Add Photo icon add-photo-icon. A popup window will display. Click Browse, select the image on your computer, click Open, then click Attach. If you wish to remove the image from the post, click Clear.

    Attach Photo

    Note: You can upload pictures in GIF, JPEG, JPG, or PNG format. Images cannot exceed 5MB in size.

  4. Once you’ve finished composing your post, click the Share button. Your Facebook and/or Twitter sites will be updated with the new post.
  5. After submitting the post, the Update Your Status window will reappear and in the lower right it will let you know that your posts were successful.

    Post Successful

To insert a listing into your Facebook or Twitter post, click the Insert Listing icon insert-listing-icon. For more information to post listing information to a social media account, please see Posting Top Producer Listings to Social Media or Posting® Listings to Social Media.

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