Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Twitter Social Media Features available in Top Producer CRM. Click a link to learn more:

Why can't I see my contact's Twitter Posts in the contact record?

If you are not receiving Twitter posts within the Social Media Activity section of a contact record, follow the below troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure you have properly configured Twitter Integration. Status updates will not appear until integration has been established. For more information, see Setting Up Twitter Integration.
  2. Make sure you have configured the Social Media Activity section of this contact to accept status updates from their Twitter profile. For more information, see Receiving Twitter Updates in a contact record.
  3. Check to see if this person has posted any updates to their Twitter site. This can be verified by logging in to your Twitter account and then viewing this contact’s Twitter page.
  4. Make sure you have selected the correct Twitter account for this contact. When searching for users, there may be several that have the same name (that could be either different people, or multiple accounts created by the same person) and you may have accidentally chosen one that is not active.
  5. In extremely rare cases, Twitter may be experiencing a temporary service outage. If you cannot access your own Twitter account and instead receive an outage (maintenance) message, Top Producer CRM will not be able to access the status updates.
  6. Twitter users can switch their account type between Public and Protected at any time. It is possible that this Twitter user has protected their Tweets. This means that their tweets will not be visible until you submit a request to follow them, and they approve that request. Submitting a request to follow a protected account must be done from within your own Twitter account.
  7. If none of the above resolve the issue, try removing Twitter Integration and then re-configuring. This may be necessary if you have changed your Twitter account password. Removing and re-configuring Integration will not remove the Social Media settings contained within each contact record. For more information, see Setting Up Twitter Integration.

How do I change the number of Tweets displayed inside a contact record?

By default, Top Producer CRM will show the 3 most recent Tweets for each contact. To change this number, go to Settings, and in the General tab click Social Media Setup. At the bottom click the number next to Tweets, then use the pull-down list to select the number of Tweets you would like displayed, then click Save Social Media Setup.

When I post my Listing to Twitter, the link goes to Bing Maps, but it can't locate the address. Why?

When you post one of your Listings to Twitter, Top Producer CRM automatically uses the address information from the listing property record to search Bing Maps, then creates a link to that search. If the property address in Top Producer CRM is incorrect, missing some information, or is formatted in a non-standard way, Bing will not be able to locate the address on its Map. Open the Property Record for the listing in Top Producer and verify the address. If it appears the address is correct in Top Producer, we suggest visiting Bing Maps and performing a search for the address used, then for variations of the address, until the correct location appears on the map. You can then update the 8i property record appropriately.

Can I post more than one Listing at a time in the same Tweet from within Top Producer CRM?

You can add any content you like to your Tweet in Top Producer CRM, including multiple listings. You’re only limit is the number of characters Twitter allows you to include in one Tweet. However, for marketing purposes, we recommend that you only include one listing per Tweet. This helps to effectively promote each listing, and gives you more characters to devote to descriptive text. If you would like to post additional listings, wait a short while and then create another Tweet with a different listing.

Can I attach an image and include a Listing in the same Tweet?

Yes. However, keep in mind that image attachments count towards your Twitter character limit.

When I insert a website address into a Status Update in Top Producer CRM, why does the link change to

The Update Your Status feature in Top Producer CRM includes an automatic URL Shortener. This automatically recognizes any hyperlink and converts it into an address starting with Shortening the URL reduces the number of characters needed to include the link, ensuring you will not exceed your character limit, and giving you more space to devote to descriptive text.

When I tried to post a Status Update, I got a message saying it failed. What happened?

If a failure message appears after you attempt to post a Status Update, then Top Producer CRM was not able to communicate with Facebook and/or Twitter in order to send the message. This could be due to a temporary internet connection issue, or a temporary issue with Facebook or Twitter. In most cases, simply trying again will resolve the issue.

However, it is important to note that if you were posting to both Facebook and Twitter at the same time, and only one of them failed (indicated by the failure message), the other post worked normally. You will not need to post the same message to that account – only to the one that failed.

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