Once you have completed Setting Up Twitter Integration, you will be able to configure Top Producer CRM to receive Twitter updates for a contact. This feature allows you to stay up to date on the recent events happening in the life of a contact – helping you to better communicate with them, and direct your marketing and services effectively.


In a contact record, click the Summary tab. On the right hand side is the Social Media Activity section.

Note: Since Twitter feeds are made public by default, you can access any Twitter feed without special permission.

  1. Click the Twitter tab, then click the Search & Link icon.


  2. A popup will appear allowing you to search Twitter. By default, Top Producer CRM will attempt to search by the Primary Name provided in the contact record. If necessary, you can always perform a different search by Name or by the Social Media UserID or Profile Link.


  3. The list of search results will display the Profile Picture and Name. Once you have located the correct person, click Link to Contact.

    Tip: Clicking View Full Profile will open the full-page profile of this person. This is useful if there are multiple search results and you cannot determine which one is correct based upon the information in the list.

  4. You will now receive post updates for this contact under the Twitter tab. By default only the three most recent posts made to Twitter are displayed, to change the amount of posts to display see, Setting up Twitter Integration.


    In addition, their profile image will be displayed in the contact record header, and will be updated if the contact changes the image in their Twitter profile. If you have the contact record linked both to Facebook and Twitter, it will pull in the Facebook profile photo by default.

Unlinking Social Media

If you no longer wish to receive Social Media updates for a contact, click the Twitter tab, and then select Unlink link.


Login to received Twitter updates in a contact record.