Take advantage of marketing via Social Media directly from within Top Producer! Top Producer’s Social Media features make it easy to seemlessly manage your Contacts and Marketing strategies while making use of the power of Facebook and Twitter to distribute your marketing messages!

Below is an outline of the Social Media features available in Top Producer. For more information on each topic, click the links provided in each section.

Setting Up Facebook and Twitter Integration with Top Producer

Before you can begin using Top Producer’s Social Media features, you must integrate your Facebook and/or Twitter account with Top Producer. This is easily done in the Settings section, and all you need is your Facebook and Twitter login information. When you integrate Facebook you can access any of your associated Facebook Business Pages or Community Pages!

Social Media Setup

Click the links below to learn how to set up Facebook and Twitter in 8i.

Posting Facebook and Twitter Updates from Top Producer

Main Menu Share Button

In the Main Menu is the Facebook/Twitter Share button. Clicking this button provides a popup where you create a new message to post directly to the Facebook pages and Twitter accounts of your choice. It also allows you to include images in your post, as well as a link to your Top Producer or realtor.com® Listings.

Status Update Example

For more information about how to post updates to your Social Media accounts, see Updating Your Status from Top Producer.

Posting your Top Producer and realtor.com® Listings

As part of the popup that allows you to post updates to Facebook and Twitter, there is the option to post a link to your Top Producer Listings or realtor.com® Listings. Simply select which Listing you’d like to include and a special “short-URL” is created for you. To add a listing, click the Insert Listing icon Insert Listing Icon.

Example Facebook Post

For more information, click the below links:

Receiving Twitter updates in Contact Records

In each Contact Record, on the Summary Tab, you have the ability to receive the Tweets from your contacts. Once you start receiving their posts, you can Tweet or Retweet their twitter posts with the appropriate tags added for you. Use this feature to keep track of the recent events happening in your Contact’s lives, allowing you to better personalize your marketing to suit their needs.

For more information, see Receiving Twitter Updates in a Contact Record.

Adding Facebook and Twitter Links to your Top Producer Email Signature

One of easiest ways to grow your Social Network is to encourage everyone you communicate with to find you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter. Adding links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts inside your Email Signature ensures that every email you send from Top Producer promotes your Social Media network.

8i Email Signature Example

For more information, see Adding Social Media Links to your Email Signature.