appThe Social Connections app fully integrates Facebook into your overall marketing and prospecting plan by allowing you to share real-time market data for your local community, highlight active inventory, create conversations, and generate leads with multiple lead capture points throughout the Social Connections pages.

By integrating your®, Top Producer, Market Snapshot, and Housing Trends eNewsletter solutions with Facebook through Social Connections, you provide a complete package of information and services to consumers visiting your Facebook Business Page. Don’t have all of these solutions? Don’t worry, as long as you subscribe to® Listing Enhancements, you can still install Social Connections and choose to integrate only the other solutions you currently have!

Tip:  Including your SocialBios username during your Facebook Social Connections setup will enhance your Facebook application with an About Me page which uses your social networks, activity and customer-submitted recommendations to convert more prospects to clients! Click here to Create a Free SocialBios account.

Setting Up the Social Connections App

Before you begin setting up the Social Connections App, you will need to already have a Facebook Business page. For information see the Creating a Facebook Business Page article. It is also necessary to, at minimum, subscribe to® Showcase Listings. If you do not yet have a® account, Contact Customer Care.

  1. Log in to your Facebook Account.
  2. Go to
  3. On the Add Page Tab page, select the Facebook Business Page to which you’d like to add Social Connections (if you have more than one Business Page), then click Add Page Tab.
  4. Facebook may prompt you to grant permission for the App to interface with your page. Accept any prompts that appear to continue with the installation.
  5. Click the Gear icon at the top right of your Facebook page and choose view the page on which you wish to add Social Connections.
  6. Click the Edit Page menu and select Edit Settings from the drop-down menu.
  7. Click the More option and select Apps from the drop-down menu.
  8. Locate the Social Connections app and click Go to App.
  9. Select your MLS Board from the list, and enter your Board ID. This should be the same information you use to log in to your® account. Setup Information

  10. Enter the email address at which you’d like to receive your new leads. This email address is used to route leads from this application, if you do not have your Top Producer credentials entered. Click Next.
  11. If you would like to integrate the App with Top Producer, enter your Top Producer username. Integration with Top Producer will send new leads directly into your Top Producer database where you can take advantage of Top Producer’s Lead Management and Follow-Up features.

    Social Connection Addons

  12. If you would like to integrate the App with Top Marketer (Market Snapshot), enter your Top Marketer username and password. Integration will allow visitors to request a Market Snapshot from your Facebook page, and new leads will arrive in your Top Marketer database.
  13. If you have a SocialBios account, enter your SocialBios Username in the field provided. SocialBios allows visitors to view your social media contact information, visit all of your social media sites, lets them give a Testimonial by “recommending” you. For more information, please visit the SocialBios website.
  14. If you have a Housing Trends eNewsletter, enter your personal URL. This will allow visitors to click through to your eNewsletter from your Facebook page. If you don’t yet have a Housing Trends eNewsletter account, you can create one here. More information about the eNewsletter service is available here.
  15. Click Next. Click Launch My Site. Your new Social Connections page has been added to your Facebook Business page. If you have not already, make sure that you Like your business page. This allows you to view the Social Connection App.

    Note: You must be logged into your personal Facebook account to see the app on your business page, even after you Like your page.

Social Connections Overview

Your Social Connections page is accessible from your Facebook Business page by clicking the Social Connections link in the left menu. A consumer visiting your Business Page must Like the page to gain access to the app. Depending on your subscribed solutions, Social Connections then shows your branding at the top (requires Market Snapshot), along with several tabs (requires Showcase Listings) and your listings. Each tab encourages visitors to contact you for more information:

My Listings

My Listings

The My Listings tab is available if you subscribe to Showcase Listings, allows visitors to contact you by providing their name and phone number, displays a list of your active® Listings, and provides a map showing their location. From each listing, visitors can view more details within the Social Connections App, request a Neighborhood Report (if Market Snapshot has been integrated), and view your full listing on®.

Today’s Market Trends

Today's Market Trends

The Today’s Market Trends tab is available if you have integrated your Housing Trends eNewsletter. From here, visitors can read and subscribe to your newsletter.

Neighborhood & Home Value Reports

Neighborhood & Home Value Reports

The Neighborhood & Home Value Reports tab is available if you have integrated Market Snapshot (Top Marketer). It encourages visitors to provide some information in return for receiving detailed neighborhood and home value reports – sent automatically from your Market Snapshot account!

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a Meeting

The Schedule a Meeting tab is available if you subscribe to Showcase Listings, and provides a simple contact form where visitors can request a meeting with you. 

About Me

About Me

If you have a SocialBios account and included it when setting up the Social Connections App, the About Me page will automatically display your social media contact information. SocialBios lets you turn your Social Connections Facebook App into an online testimonial machine. Your clients recommend you on the app, and the app then shares it on your wall and your client’s walls, while also helping you grow your sphere organically by distributing the recommendation to all of your client’s friends through the Facebook news feed. All a visitor needs to do is click the Facebook Recommend button or the Google +1 button!

About the Previous® Facebook Apps

The Social Connections Facebook App replaces three previously released Facebook Apps: The See My Listings, Market Snapshot, and Local Real Estate Facebook Apps. Social Connections contains all of the features provided by all three of these apps, plus more!

If you already have any of these previous apps installed on your Facebook Business Page, it is highly recommended your remove them and instead use the Social Connections App.