One of the easiest ways to promote your Social Media site is to include links in your Email Signature. Top Producer CRM provides a quick way to add these links along with the appropriate social media icon. To be able to add Social Media Links, you must first complete Setting Up Facebook Integration and Setting Up Twitter Integration. For more detailed information about email signatures, see Adding and Editing Email Signatures.

To add a Social Media link to your Top Producer CRM email signature:

  1. Open the Top Producer Settings.
  2. Click the Email tab.
  3. Click the Signature sub-tab.

    Signature Settings

  4. Click the Signature you would like to edit.
  5. Click inside the signature body at the location you would like to insert the link and then click Insert Social Media link on the bottom right.

    Insert Social Media Link

    You will be presented with two choices:

    1. Insert Facebook Link: Opens a popup allowing you to insert a link to your Facebook profile, business or community page.

      Add Facebook URL

      1. Select your profile page, your business page or your community page.
      2. Click the Insert button. This will insert a Facebook icon facebook-icon into your email signature, linking to your selected facebook page.

      Tip: It is recommended that you only insert the one Facebook page you want to promote the most.

    2. Insert Twitter Profile Link: Inserts a Twitter icon twitter-icon into your email signature, linking to your Twitter page.


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