If you have already set up Facebook and Twitter integration in Top Producer CRM, you can quickly post information about your listings to both Facebook and Twitter. Using this feature makes it easy to market your listings online with social media. For more information about posting updates to social media, see Updating your Status from Top Producer.

When you select a Listing to post, Top Producer CRM will automatically do the following:

  • Add the Bedroom, Bathroom, and Square Footage information, if available in the property record.
  • Generate a short-url that links to the location of your listing on Google Maps.
  • Allow you to quickly add one of the pre-made marketing messages, or type your own message.


Example Facebook Post


Example Twitter Post

Posting a Top Producer Listing

  1. In the Main Menu, click the Facebook/Twitter Share button.

    Main Menu - Share

  2. Using the check-boxes at the top, select the social media accounts to which you would like to post.

    Select Social Media Accounts

    • Twitter Account Icon: Indicates your Twitter Account.
    • Facebook Business Page Icon: Indicates your Facebook Business or Community Pages. A separate option will appear for each Business or Community Page that is associated with your account.
  3. At the bottom, click the Insert Listing Icon Insert Listing Icon.
  4. In the Insert Property box, select 8i Listing (Data).

    Insert Listing Options

    Note: If you have set up integration with your realtor.com® account, you can also choose to post your realtor.com® listings. For more information, see Posting realtor.com® Listings to Social Media.

  5. In the for property pull-down menu, select the listing you would like to include in the post.
  6. Using the last pull-down menu, choose one of the pre-made marketing messages, or leave it as “No thanks, I’ll write my own message“.
  7. Click Insert. The listing information will be added to the text box, along with a short-url linking to the map location of your listing.

    Example Post in 8i

  8. When you have finished making changes to the message, click Share to post the information to your Social Media account(s).

Important: The short-url is automatically created for you, and links to a Google Map Search. The map location is determined using the exact listing address as entered into the property record in Top Producer CRM. If the provided address is in a non-standard format or is missing information, Google Maps may not be able to correctly resolve the address. It is recommended that before posting your listing, you copy the short-url into a new browser window and test the map. If it is incorrect, return to listing property record make the necessary corrections, then repeat the above steps.

Posting a Top Producer CRM Listing from the Listings Summary or Listing Record

You can also post yourlistings when viewing the Listings Summary, or when viewing an individual Listing Record.

In the Listing Summary, the Post Listing Icon Post Listing Icon is located on the right of each listing:

Listing Summary

In a Listing Record, the Post to Social Media button is located at the top right of the Listing Header:

Listing Record Header

When you click either of the above options, the Update Your Status box will open, and will automatically include the information of the listing you selected.

Login to post listings to social media.