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Before you start using Top Producer CRM, there are a couple of Safari and Mac settings you need to modify to enjoy a seamless Top Producer CRM experience.

To configure your Mac and Safari settings:

  1. Open Safari, and from the Safari menu, click Preferences.
  2. Click the Security security-tab tab, and then clear the Block pop-up windows check box.


    Note: Top Producer CRM uses pop-up windows in many parts of the application. When using Top Producer CRM, the above option must be cleared. You can always block pop-up windows when browsing other unknown sites. To learn more about pop-up blocking in Safari, see Block pop-ups and unnecessary content in the Apple help.

  3. Close Safari, and from the Dock on the bottom of your screen, click the System Preferences system-preferences-icon icon.
  4. Click the General general-preferences-icon icon.
  5. Set the Show scroll bars option to Always.


  6. Close General Preferences.