Step 2 of 4 – MLS Connectivity

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Top Producer CRM uses Top Connector to retrieve information from your MLS. You must configure each MLS associated with your account, and enter the correct credentials (usually just your MLS username and password) into the fields.

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  1. A list of the MLS accounts associated with your account will be shown under MLS Connectivity Setup.

    MLS Connectivity Setup

  2. Click the MLS you’d like to set up. This opens a form within the MLS Connectivity Setup segment:

    MLS Settings

  3. Enter your MLS User ID and Password. Note that the correct MLS username and password is required for Top Producer to connect to your MLS.

    Common Username/Password Issues

    If you have entered your MLS username and password but Top Connector cannot authenticate your information, try the following:

    • Try your password and/or username in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
    • Do not include Security Tokens, such as those generated by a digital key fob or card.
    • RETS Activation: Some MLSs require a unique request be submitted for each user before access is granted to 3rd Party Products such as Top Producer CRM. If you have tried the above steps without success, please contact Top Connector Support at 1-800-830-8300 (Option 4). If necessary, a request will be sent on your behalf.

  4. If you have multiple MLS accounts, select one to be your default by setting Set as Default MLS? to Yes.
  5. Use the drop-down list beside Default Property Type to choose the default property type you want pre-selected when you search by this MLS. When importing data from your MLS, Top Producer will initially use the Default MLS and Default Property Type you select here, but you can always switch between MLS accounts and Property Types when importing.
  6. Click the Save MLS button.
  7. When you’ve finished configuring all MLS accounts, click the Next button.

    Click Next

Tip: If after completing the setup wizard your MLS username or password changes, or if you would like to change your default settings, the MLS Connectivity settings can be accessed within the Top Producer Settings, by selecting the General tab and the 3rd Party Setup sub-tab.

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