Once you’ve received your email from Top Producer giving you your username and initial password, you can log in. When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to accept the subscriber agreement and enter some basic user information.

  1. Log in to Top Producer CRM at http://www.topproducer8i.com.
  2. If your login is successful, the Subscriber Agreement window will appear. To continue with the setup and use Top Producer CRM, it is required that you accept the Subscriber Agreement, then click Next.

    EULA - Subscriber Agreement

  3. The User Information window opens. Enter your Time Zone, Date of Birth, and Zip Code. You must also enter a Secret Question and Answer – if you lose your password or want to reset it, you’ll need to provide this information.

    First Time Login - Secret Questions

  4. Click the Next button to complete the subscriber agreement setup.
  5. Top Producer CRM will load and the four step Setup Wizard window will appear.

Login to Top Producer CRM.