LeadStreet is RE/MAX’s lead management system; it captures all lead inquiries from their nationwide website, registers them, and then filters them down to individual RE/MAX agents. This referral service has proven to be more successful than sign calls, generating thousands of customer referrals directly to RE/MAX agents with no referral fees attached.

If you subscribe to RE/MAX LeadStreet, you can configure Top Producer CRM to receive leads from LeadStreet. Integration also allows you to send the leads received in Top Producer from other sources into your LeadStreet account.

  • Setting Up Re/MAX LeadStreet
  • Enabling Duplicate Contact Checking
  • Sending Leads between Top Producer CRM and LeadStreet

Setting up RE/MAX LeadStreet

Log in to your LeadStreet account to opt-in to the Top Producer CRM program and sync your leads. During this process you will be logging into two different programs and switching between the two to complete the setup.

  1. Log in to your LeadStreet account at https://www.remax.net.
  2. In the My Quicklinks section, click My Leads.
  3. Click the tab at the top with your name on it (or the name of the account owner), and then click the Settings sub-tab.
  4. Record the Account ID number displayed on the screen. This may be different than your Re/MAX username.
  5. Create a password for the Leadstreet system and make note of it. You can create any password you like, but note that it is treated separately from your Re/MAX password.
  6. Click Submit Changes.
  7. Log in to your Top Producer CRM account.

    Tip: For questions about setting up RE/MAX LeadStreet, contact your RE/MAX Technical Administrator.

  8. Before setting up RE/MAX LeadStreet integration in Top Producer CRM, it is highly recommended that you enable the Duplicate Contact Check feature in Top Producer CRM. Instructions are available at the bottom.
  9. In the top right corner of Top Producer CRM, click on the Account Menu, then click Settings.

    Settings - Account Menu

  10. Click the Contacts tab, then click the My Leads sub-tab.
  11. In the Lead Provider Setup section, click Add Lead Provider.
  12. In the Lead Provider Name drop-down menu, select RE/MAX LeadStreet (Reliance).

    Add Lead Provider: RE/MAX LeadStreet

  13. The URL will be automatically provided for you. Enter the LeadStreet username and password you made note of previously.
  14. If you have more than one Agent license associated with your Top Producer account, use the Account created for pull-down to select the Agent that will be receiving these leads.
  15. Click Add Lead Provider.
  16. The Lead Provider Setup area displays confirmation that the setup has been completed successfully, displaying RE/MAX LeadStreet as a lead provider with an Active status (indicated by a green icon). If there is an issue validating the information you’ve entered, an error will be displayed. Please confirm you have completed the setup steps in your LeadStreet account and provided the correct username and password in the Top Producer Lead Provider Setup.

    Note: If you experience any issues at this step, please call Top Producer Customer Care at 1.800.830.8300.

  17. Go back to your LeadStreet account, click the Clients tab at the top and then click the Top Producer sub-tab.
  18. After an integration period of up to 24 hours, Leadstreet will start to sync new leads arriving from that point forward.

Enabling Duplicate Contact Checking

Since Leads from LeadStreet are sent to Top Producer and leads from other sources in Top Producer are sent to Leadstreet, it is highly recommended that you enable Top Producer CRM’s Duplicate Contact Check feature. This will help you manage any cases where a duplicate lead name is received in Top Producer CRM.

  1. In the top right corner of Top Producer CRM, click on the Account Menu, then click Settings.

    Settings - Account Menu

  2. Click the Contacts tab.
  3. Click the Tools sub-tab.
  4. Next to Always Check for Duplicate Contacts?, select Yes.
  5. Click Save Contact Settings.

With this feature enabled, the first time you open a new lead in Top Producer that may be a duplicate, you will be notified and given some options for handling the possible duplicate information.

Sending Leads between Top Producer CRM and LeadStreet

Once you have completed the above setup steps, new leads received in LeadStreet will be automatically sent to Top Producer CRM, and new leads received in Top Producer CRM from other integrated lead providers will be automatically sent to LeadStreet – without any additional steps required.

When manually entering new leads into Top Producer CRM using the Add Contact feature, there are a couple of important steps that must be performed correctly to ensure the manually entered lead will be sent to LeadStreet:

  1. When entering the new lead, make sure that the Contact Status is set to New. Assigning any other contact status when the lead is entered will prevent the lead from being sent to LeadStreet since it is not considered New.

    Contact Status: New

  2. When entering the new lead, do not enter any information into the Source field. If information is entered into the source field, there is a possibility of receiving duplicate leads in LeadStreet. If source information is required, first add the lead without the Source in Top Producer, then add the Source from within LeadStreet when the lead arrives.

    Empty Source