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Leverage Top Producer’s proven, industry-tested lead generation systems to get leads from realtor.com’s touch points, like Buyer Assist, Showcase Listings, Contact Us and more. Once your Top Producer account is set to receive leads from realtor.com, you will not have to repeat the process again.

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  1. Sign in to the realtor.com® Control Panel.
  2. Depending on your version of the Control Panel, use one of the two below steps.
    • If your control panel has a left menu: Under Top Producer Solutions, click Top Producer Lead Activation.
    • If your control panel does not have a left menu: Go to the Solutions menu at the top, select Top Producer, and click Top Producer Lead Activation.
  3. On the Top Producer Lead Activation page, enter your email address and Top Producer username and password.

    Top Producer Lead Activation Username and Password

    Tip: We recommend using the email address associated with your Top Producer account so you can centralize the communication flow in only one application.

No other setup steps are required, and integration between your Top Producer and realtor.com® accounts is complete. However, we recommend you follow the below steps to verify integration and, if you own Market Snapshot, turn on the Auto-Fulfill feature.

Verifying Integration with Top Producer CRM and Enabling Market Snapshot Auto-Fulfill

  1. Sign in to Top Producer CRM on your desktop computer.
  2. Go to the Account Menu at the top right and click Settings.

    Account Menu - Settings

  3. Click the Contacts tab and select the My Leads sub-tab.


  4. In the Lead Provider Setup section, you will see a message indicating the status of integration with REALTOR.com.

    REALTOR.com Lead Provider Setup

  5. If you also own Market Snapshot and would like to enable the Market Snapshot Auto-Fulfillment feature, click the Lead Alerts subtab and click the Edit Lead Settings link.
  6. In the Market Snapshot Auto-Fulfillment section, set the Turn this feature on? option to Yes.

    Market Snapshot Auto-Fulfillment

  7. Click Save Lead Settings. From now on, every new lead you receive in Top Producer from realtor.com® will automatically receive a one-time Market Snapshot.