Top Producer CRM can receive leads from over 140 lead sources. Depending on your provider, the setup process varies. See the lists below for setup details.

When leads are sent to Top Producer CRM, they are assigned a source and sub-source to tell you where they came from, which you can later search for and use to automatically apply plans to incoming leads. The Lead Info tab in their record displays the source, but if you want to know ahead of time what the sources will be, see the lists below.®

Top Producer CRM provides integration with your® Suite of Lead Generation Products. For information on how to set this up, see Receiving Leads from your® account.

Market Snapshot

To set Market Snapshot to send leads to Top Producer CRM, see the steps in the Integrating Top Producer with Market Snapshot article.

When you create an Inquiry Capture Form for Market Snapshot, you are asked to create an Agent Inquiry Source. When someone requests a Snapshot, the lead first arrives in the Top Marketer Control Panel and the Agent Inquiry Source you created appears as the Agent Source. The new lead also has a separate Inquiry Source, which indicates the type of link that was used to access the form (Agent Text Link, Agent Widget, Featured Websites, etc).

When the lead is sent to Top Producer CRM, the sources from Top Marketer are translated so that you know where all the leads came from. Below is how this information is translated:

  • All leads received in Top Producer from a Top Marketer Market Snapshot capture form have a Source of Top Marketer.
  • All leads received in Top Producer from a Market Snapshot capture form have a Source of
  • The Inquiry Source in Top Marketer becomes the Sub Source in Top Producer.
  • The Agent Source in Top Marketer becomes the Other Source in Top Producer.

The below chart details the possible Sources, Sub Sources, and Other Sources you may encounter in Top Producer from leads received through Market Snapshot.

Source Sub Source Other Source Where the Lead came from
Top Marketer Agent Text Link Custom Created – From the Agent Inquiry Source entered in Inquiry Capture Setup. A link created in Top Marketer using the Get Email Link or Get Web Link option. These links can be placed anywhere, such as on a social media website or email signature, so the Other Source should indicate the form that was used.
Top Marketer Agent Widget Custom Created – From the Agent Inquiry Source entered in Inquiry Capture Setup. A Market Snapshot Widget placed on a Top Producer Website, or another 3rd Party Website (excluding
Top Marketer Community Reports Custom Created – From the Agent Inquiry Source entered in Community Inquiry Capture Setup A Community Widget placed on a Top Producer Website, or another 3rd Party Website (excluding Featured Agent Community Featured CMA Featured Websites Custom Created A Market Snapshot Widget placed on a Featured Website.
Top Marketer A lead captured from Inquiries made from this website are distributed to Realtors subscribing to Market Snapshot, in the area (zip) the request was made. This site is maintained by Top Producer and does not require any configuration on your part to receive these leads.

Other Qualified Lead Providers

Other lead providers typically provide a Source that uses the name of their service, and do not include a sub-source.

We currently support over 140 lead providers. Depending on the provider you use, the setup process varies.

To set up any of the lead providers in this list, you’ll need your lead notification address, which can be found in Settings > Contacts > My Leads tab in Top Producer CRM. For setup details, see Directing Leads from Other Sources into Top Producer CRM.

  • Agent Pronto
  • AgentAchieve
  • AgentLocator – Seller
  • – Buyer
  • – Seller
  • AllClients
  • AppFolio, Inc.
  • Appsurdity, Inc.
  • Appsurdity, Inc. – Seller
  • AWeber
  • Back At You Media
  • Baynet World Inc.
  • Better Voicemail
  • Blue Fire Group Inc.
  • Blueroof360
  • – buyer
  • – Seller
  • BoomTown
  • Buyer Acquire
  • CallRail
  • Century21
  • CirclePix
  • ClickDesk
  • Commissions Inc.
  • Commissions Inc. – Seller
  • Diverse Solutions
  • DotSignal
  • Easy Agent Pro
  • Facebook Leads
  • FastExpert – Buyer
  • FastExpert – Seller
  • First2Contact
  • Four Walls Digital
  • Gabriels Technology Solutions
  • Generic Format
  • Gravity Forms
  • Great Agent
  • – Agent
  • HomeFinder
  • Homes Database
  • Hotline America
  • Hotpads
  • House Value Store
  • HubSpot, Inc.
  • HUD Seeker
  • IDX Broker Platinum
  • Keller Williams
  • Kijiji
  • Lands of America
  • Leadpages
  • LeadRouter
  • LexReception
  • ListGlobally
  • Listing Booster
  • ListingWare
  • Lone Wolf
  • Luxury Real Estate
  • Metroland Media Group Ltd.
  • MLS Finder
  • MRIShomes
  • Naked Apartments
  •, LLC
  • NetAspects
  • NewPoint Franchisor, LLC
  • PadLister
  • Paradym
  • Point2
  • ProLeads
  • PropertyMinder
  • PropertyPulse
  • PSL
  • PureAgent
  • ReadyChat – Rental
  • Real Estate Digital
  • Real Estate Pipeline
  • RealEstatePal
  • RealGeeks
  • RealLiving
  • Realty Store
  • RealtyJuggler
  • RealtyNow
  • Redfin – Buyer
  • Redman Tech
  • Reliance Network
  • Renegade Agent Marketing
  • Rentbits
  • Royal LePage
  • RPS
  • ShowcaseIDX
  • Smart Targeting – Seller
  • SmarterAgent
  • Sotheby’s Realty
  • Spatial Match
  • SpotOn Connect
  • StreetEasy
  • StreetEasy – Building
  • StreetText – Buyer
  • SuccessWebsite
  • Superlative
  • TeamLeads
  • TeleTracker
  • TenantMagic LLC
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • TigerLead
  • Top Producer – Seller
  • Trulia – Rental
  • Unbounce
  • Wright Brothers, Inc.
  • Yardi Systems, Inc.
  • Zillow Group – Mortgage
  • Zillow Group – Rental
  • Zillow Group – Seller
  • Zumper
  • Zurple

And if your provider is in the below list, you can set them up in the Lead Provider Setup area in Top Producer CRM. (Go to Settings > Contacts > My Leads > Lead Provider Setup section.) For setup details, see Lead Provider Setup.

AccessU2 Property By Phone
Arch Powerline
Best Image
Cevado Technologies
Charleston Real Estate Guide
Davis Farrell Technology
Digital Home Info
Direct Business Marketing
DriveBuy Technologies
eAgentC IDX Solution Powered by WolfNet
Infinity Arts
Lobby Road
Mojo Dialer
Myrsol Real Estate CMS/IDX
Proquest Technologies
Rainmaker E-Central
Real Estate Labs
WebAgent Solutions

If your lead provider isn’t listed above, you can request that we support it. For details on how to do this and receive leads from personal web sites, see the Directing Leads from Other Sources into Top Producer CRM FAQs.