Top Producer 8i provides a feature allowing zipForm® 6 Professional to import your 8i data for use in their forms. The following instructions will show you how to configure 8i for use with zipForm® 6 Professional.

Note: zipForm® 6 Professional is a 3rd party service provider and requires a separate subscription. It is not included with Top Producer 8i or other Top Producer services.

  1. Log in to Top Producer 8i. Click on the Account Menu in the top right corner and click Settings.


  2. Under the General tab, click 3rd Party Setup.


  3. In the 3rd Party Data Service Setup section, click Add Data Service in the bottom right corner.


  4. In the 3rd Party Application pull down menu select ZipForm Online.
  5. addzipform

  6. Enter your zipForm® 6 Professional username (the email address that is assigned to your zipForm® 6 Professional account).
  7. Click Add Data Service.

Your zipForm® 6 Professional account will now have the ability to import data from your Top Producer 8i account. For more information, please visit the zipForm® 6 Professional support page: