SureClose is a paperless online transaction co-ordinator along the same lines as ZipForms, and the integration with Top Producer 8i will provide Top Producer 8i and SureClose users with an easy way to export closing information from TP7i closings into SureClose transactions. Follow the steps below to configure and use Top Producer 8i with SureClose integration:

Important: To take advantage of this feature you must have a Top Producer 8i and SureClose account.

  1.  In Top Producer 8i, click on Settings under the Account menu at the top right of any screen.
  2. On the General tab, click on the 3rd Party Setup sub-tab.


  3. Click on the Add Data Service link in the bottom left.
  4. In the 3rd Party Application drop down menu, select Stewart Title (SureClose).


    Note: SureClose will only be present in the drop-down list for agent users fo Top Producer 8i. Assistants will not have this option.

  5. In the User ID or Security Key and Password fields, you will need to enter in your SureClose username and password.
  6. Click Add Data Service to finish.

Once configured you will be able to open a closing and click Create Transaction at the bottom of the screen.  A list of SureClose transactions can be accessed in Top Producer 8i by opening up Closing Summary then clicking on View Transactionslink at the bottom.