Organizing Contacts

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Taking some time to organize and maintain your database is important. A well maintained database can help increase your repeat business and referrals by making sure contacts appear in the Follow-up Coach at the right time for regular follow­up.

Organization helps to make sure new leads have a higher chance of conversion and don’t slip through the cracks. A few good things to check on each contact are Contact Types, Contact Status, Important Dates and Lead Info.

The better you organize your database the more effective it will be!

Remember that contacts are central to your business. The personal and property information in them is central to everything you do in Top Producer. Whether you’re performing simple follow-up, creating CMAs and Community Reports, or managing your Listings and Closings, it all starts with the contacts in your database.

Manually Adding Contacts

A great place to start is by entering all your contact info into the program using the Add Contact feature. To add a contact, place your mouse cursor over the Contacts icon in the menu bar at the top of the window, and then click on Add Contact in the menu below.


Once you click on Add Contact, a new window will open allowing you to enter contact information. Enter as much information as you have! Every little bit helps for tailoring your marketing approach to your target audience. Even if you only have a name and a phone number, you can always come back to a contact record later and add any further details you receive.

Add Contact Screen

Create a contact record for yourself to practice with new contact entry. Use the “Contact Type” field to assign an identifier to each record so that you can locate and target your buyers, sellers, referrals, sphere of influence, prospects, leads, and other associates. Create contact records for your friends and family, not only to practice but to build your book of business! Each contact you enter takes you a step closer to making Top Producer a powerhouse tool to automate your marketing, lead generation and follow-up.

Want to know more about manual contact entry? See Adding Contacts.

Other Ways to Build Your Contact List

Many agents use Top Producer to maintain small, tightly focused contact lists that lend themselves to targeted marketing strategies. Other users tend to build large databases and market themselves more widely using the built-in email and letter action plans.

If you intend to spread your message to wide network of potential clients, you can save countless hours of effort by using the Top Producer Data Import tool. The Data Import tool lets you import thousands of contacts, in just a matter of minutes. If you need to get a group of contacts into your database quickly, importing your data is the best option.


Want to know more about data import? See Importing Your Contacts

Another way to get contacts into Top Producer is to use an external lead source, like or Top Producer’s own Market Snapshot product. The information supplied by leads will be automatically imported to your contact list. You can even apply follow-up action plans to ensure that all of your leads receive a fast response.


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