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The My Business area on the Dashboard (Home Page) provides a quick summary of your important activities. From here, you can view your recently due activities, currently due activities, upcoming activities and your prospect list. Your activities are also accessible in the Activities Summary.

Activities include things like appointments you create from the “Wrap Up” feature as well as todo’s and calls. As well, you can track Important Dates that are happening in the next seven days such as Home Anniversaries.

By default, My Business will include your activities due in the Last 7 Days, and will separate your activities into separate tabs based on activity type. However, you can change the way the activities are displayed in Home Settings.


Within My Business you can do the following:

  1. (In by activity type view) View a different activity type by selecting one of the tabs at the top: Calls, Appointments, To-Dos, Listing To-Dos, Closing To-Dos, Emails or Print Media.
  2. Choose to view your own activities, or activities belonging to your assistant(s) or team members by using the first Show pull-down menu.
  3. Choose a preset date-range of activities to include by using the second Show pull-down menu:
    1. For next 7 days
    2. For this week
    3. For today
    4. For last 2 days
    5. For last 7 days
    6. For last 14 days
    7. For last 30 days

  4. View and edit the details of an activity by clicking the activity name.
  5. Mark an activity done by clicking the Mark Done Mark Done icon to the right or Delete an activity by clicking the Delete Delete icon to the right.
  6. Open Activities Summary by clicking Go to Activities.
  7. View your list of prospects by clicking the My Prospects My-Prospects tab. For more information, see About the Prospect List.
  8. View a list of Important Dates.
  9. Change the location of My Business on the Dashboard by clickin the Move Down move-down icon or Move Up move-up icon.

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