Top Producer® 8i CRM: Using Other Correspondence Template Libraries

Other correspondence template types, such as envelopes, labels, and postcards, can be copied and changed the same way you would letters and emails.

To view these libraries, click the Library link for a template category from the Marketing landing page.

  1. Envelope Library
  2. Top Producer CRM has the standard envelope sizes available as templates, and each template is pre-populated with the required merge codes, such as the return address and the mailing address. There’s also a place to print the barcode and the postage square on the envelope. There are few changes that can be made to an envelope; it already has the correct merge codes to pull in a return address from the Agent Setup, as well as the correct codes for a mailing address. You may, however, want to add a picture merge code to display the contact’s property on the front of the envelope, or add a headshot photo beside the return address.

  3. Label Library
  4. Labels include the correct merge codes to address them and there isn’t a lot of room to add additional information. Although the label templates mention the name-brand Avery, that doesn’t mean you have to buy only Avery labels. You can purchase generic labels, but you must check that they match the Avery sizes, as they’re the only ones that work in Top Producer CRM.

  5. Postcard Library
  6. Top Producer CRM offers most of the standard postcard sizes. You’ll see some templates with “(4-up on LetterWide)” or “(3-up on letter)” at the end of the size, for example. If you purchased sheets set up like this, choosing one of the above options lets 8i know how many addresses to print on a single sheet. Most agents typically get their postcards pre-made from a printing agency, usually with some sort of graphic on the front that may say “just listed” and a picture of the property. 8i gives you this option by putting the address on the backside of the postcard and including a short body text.

Creating Personal Templates

The steps to create a personal template are the same for all correspondence templates.

  1. From the Marketing landing page, open the desired library.
  2. Click the Modify List link to create a personal category.
  3. Open the template you want to copy and click the Create Personal Copy link.
  4. Name the personal template and add it to the personal category.
  5. Click the Save & View button to open the personal template in preview mode.

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