Top Producer allows you to create personalized marketing messages for your contacts by including specific information that’s directly relevant and of interest to them. The template library comes pre-loaded with an extensive library of over 440 default templates. Each template contains merge codes that are linked to fields in your database records, such as contact name, address, etc. Top Producer uses the merge codes to pull in the information from the linked records to produce a unique personalized document in a matter of seconds.

To access the template library, click the Marketing main menu icon to open the Marketing landing page.


The template library divides templates into 7 categories.

  1. Flyer Library: Create feature sheets and flyers. Learn More >>>
  2. Presentation Library: Create reports and presentations that help your clients buy or sell a property. Learn More >>>
  3. Letter Library: Create and print out letters to send to clients for a variety of marketing scenarios. Learn More >>>
  4. Email Library: Create emails to send to clients for a variety of marketing scenarios. Learn More >>>
  5. Envelope Library: Print out envelopes of various sizes with the return and mailing address. Learn More >>>
  6. Label Library: Print out labels of various sizes that include clients’ mailing information. Learn More >>>
  7. Postcard Library: Create and print postcards to send to clients. Learn More >>>