Manually Adding Comparables to Presentations

Top Connector allows you to import MLS listing information into your presentations. If you don’t have a license, you can manually add comparables to presentations.

  1. From the Marketing main menu icon, click Presentations.
  2. The Presentations page lists presentations you’ve already created. Click the presentation name you’d like to edit.
  3. From the open presentation, click the Add Manual Comparable link to open the Add Comparable form.

    Add Comparable

  4. Enter the comparable’s address information in the Property Address segment.
  5. To add a property photo, click the Browse button on the Property Photo segment. Select an image from your local hard drive and click the Add Photo button. The selected image appears at the bottom of the segment.
  6. Add the listing information, such as status, list price, and listing date. Click the Edit link beside the Days on Market field to set the number of days.

    Note: The type of information you need to fill in for the Listing/Closing Information segment depends on the comparable’s status (Current Listing, Recent Sale, Pending Sale, or Expired Listing).

  7. Add any property, financial, or additional details for the comparable.
  8. Click the Add Comparable button save the comparable to the presentation. The comparable is listed on the open presentation page.


  9. You can view and edit the comparable information by clicking the address, or view/edit multiple comparables by placing a check next to each and clicking Mass Open.
  10. Click the View Presentation link to open the presentation in preview mode. Select the appropriate comparable page(s) to view the added comparable details. Click the Done button to return to the Presentations page.

Log in to add comparables to presentations.

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