Customizing Presentation Stationery

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You can customize the stationery for individual presentations that you have already created, or set up the default stationery used by personal presentation templates. By customizing your stationery, you can select different images to be your background or header and footer graphics, as well as add/remove merge codes in the stationery pages.

Note: Mac users are currently able to edit email and letter templates, but no other template types including presentation stationary. Windows users are able to edit most templates using Firefox or Chrome, but must use Internet Explorer 10 or 11 to customize presentation stationary.

To Customize Stationery:

  1. Open the View Presentation (for existing presentations) or the Edit Personal Copy (for presentation templates) screen.

    From the View Presentation Screen:

    1. From the Main Menu bar, go to Marketing > Presentations.


    2. Click the presentation you want to view.
    3. Click the View Presentation link.

  2. From the Edit Personal Copy Screen:

    1. From the Main Menu bar, click the Marketing icon.


    2. Click the Presentation Library link in the Presentations portlet.


    3. Select a personal category from the Show Category drop-down list.
    4. Hover your mouse over the template, and then click the Edit Pages link.

  3. Click the Edit Stationery action link that is located above the Top Producer Editor toolbar.


  4. Use the stationery page selector to determine stationery page you want to edit:
    • Stationery for the cover page.
    • Stationery for presentation pages (every page other than the cover page).
  5. Click the Edit Page button.


  6. The full set of Top Producer Editor functions are now available, in addition to the following stationery-specific features:
    • (For Presentation Templates only) Click the Insert Graphic action link to display the Insert Merge Graphic in-line and select a footer graphic from among the Top Producer theme graphics available.

      Note: Standard practice is to use color for the cover page and grayscale for regular pages.

    • Click the Insert Merge Code link to display the Insert Merge Code in-line and merge a piece of contact or agent information to the stationery.
  7. Click the Save Page button when your changes are complete.

Login to customize presentation stationary.

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