Creating a CMA or Listing Presentation

Top Producer CRM allows you to create CMAs that includes MLS comparable data, photos and maps, as well as information about yourself, your company, and your marketing strategy. Once you’ve selected a default or custom presentation template, you can create a CMA or listing presentation.

To select a Presentation Template:

  1. Hover over the Marketing menu and click Template Library.
  2. Click Presentation Library.
  3. Hover over the template you wish to use and click the Create for Contact link.

    Create a Presentation

The Create Presentation wizard guides you through the steps to create and publish a CMA.

Step 1: Select Template

Because you clicked the Create for Contact link from a template, the template is already selected. If you began the Presentation Creation process from another part of Top Producer, you would need to select a template from the list on the right and drag it into the Presentation Template area.

Select Template

Click the Next button to go to the next step.

Step 2: Select Recipient and Property

Use the Contacts Look-up tool to the right to drag and drop a contact and his or her property into the specified area. If a contact has more than one property, click the contact’s name to open a list of properties below. Drag and drop a property into the Recipient/Subject Property area.

Select Contact

Click the Next button to proceed.

Step 3: MLS Search

If you have a Top Connector license, you can search the MLS for comparable properties to add to the CMA. Top Connector allows you to download comparables property information and photos from your MLS database directly into your presentations.

Note: If you don’t have a Top Connector license, you can still manually add the comparables.

If you’ve already set up Top Connector, use the MLS drop-down list to select the appropriate MLS and property type.

Select MLS

If you haven’t yet set up Top Connector, follow the 4 simple steps below:

  1. Select the correct MLS from the MLS drop-down list.
  2. Click the MLS Connectivity Setup link.
  3. Type in your MLS UserID and password.
  4. Click the Save button.

If you know the MLS numbers for the properties you’d like to use for the comparables, type in all the MLS numbers in the MLS Number field, separated by commas.

Search by MLS Number

If you don’t know the numbers you can use the Advanced Search segment to find the comparables you’d like to add. Fill in your search criteria for the comparable properties to narrow down the search. By default, only the most common search fields are displayed. You can display additional search options by clicking the View more search options link at the bottom of the page. When you’re satisfied with your search criteria, click the Search MLS button.

Tip: If you find you’re trying to search for a specific property by MLS number that you know exists but won’t appear in the search results, be sure that you’ve selected the correct property type.

Step 4: Select Comparables

A list of comparables from your MLS that match your search criteria will appear. You can use the Show drop-down list to filter the results by status, and examine the information in the columns to determine if you’d like to include a comparable. For more information about a specific property, click the Address.

8i Create CMA

Place a check next to the comparables you’d like to include. To import and preview property images before adding comparables to the Presentation, click Get Pictures. Once you have selected the comparables you’d like to include, click the Next button.

Step 5: Review Comparables

Before you create the CMA, you can reorder the comparables or view the comparables details. To reorder a comparable, click and drag the comparable to its new location in the list. To view a comparable property’s details, click the address link to open a pop-up window with information obtained from the MLS.

Review Comparables

You can add more comparables by clicking the Add More Comparables button. Once you’ve selected all your comparables, click the Create Presentation button to take you to the final stage.

Tip: After creating your presentation, it is still possible to include additional comparables. From the Presentation Details screen, click Add from MLS, available at the top of the list of included Comparables.

Step 6: View Presentation

Note: Mac users are currently able to edit email and letter templates, but no other template types. Windows users are able to edit most templates using Firefox or Chrome, but must use Internet Explorer 10 or 11 to edit Presentations.

The View Presentation page allows you to view the listing presentation pages and make any final changes.

View Presentation

When you’re satisfied with the look and content of your presentation, click the Print or Save as button to open the presentation on a separate Internet browser tab. From here you can print the presentation using the Print8i Create CMA icon or save it in PDF format to your local hard drive using the PDF 8i Create CMA icon. Close the tab once you’re finished with the preview.

To publish and email the presentation to your contact, click the Email Presentation button. Top Producer CRM publishes the report to the web and creates a new email message with the email address, subject, and body already created.

Email the Presentation

You can edit the email and click the Preview button to see what the email will look like. Once you’ve finished editing the email, click the Send Email button to send the email to the contact.

Viewing Generated Presentations

You can view a list of presentations you created by going to the Marketing main menu icon and clicking Presentations. The Presentations page allows you to save a presentation as a PDF, email, or delete a presentation.

Created Presentations List

Note: Mac users are currently able to edit email and letter templates, but no other template types. Windows users are able to edit most templates using Firefox or Chrome, but must use Internet Explorer 10 or 11 to edit Presentations.

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