Adding and Reordering Presentation Pages

Top Producer CRM comes with several default presentations containing the pages that are most commonly used. You may wish to add additional pages to the presentation, or reorder the existing pages. This can be done when editing a Personal Presentation Template, or when editing a presentation you have already created for a contact.

Accessing the Add/Reorder options for a Personal Presentation Template:

Changes made to a Personal Presentation Template will take effect the next time the template is used to create a presentation for a contact. It will not affect any presentations already created for contacts. It is the best method to use if this change is meant to be permanent.

  1. Select Template Libary from the Marketing menu.
  2. Click Presentation Library.
  3. Select the Personal Category that contains your template.

    Note: You must select a Personal Template to edit. Default Templates cannot be changed without making a personal copy. For information about creating a Personal Copy of a Presentation Template, click here.

  4. Hover your cursor over the template you’d like to edit and click Edit Pages

Accessing the Add/Reorder options for a Presentation created for a Contact:

Changes made to a Presentation that has already been created for a contact will not affect the original template, nor any other created presentations. It is the best method to use if this change is desired only for this single presentation.

  1. Select Presentations from the Marketing menu.
  2. In the list of created presentations, click the presentation you’d like to edit.

Both of the above processes open the Edit Presentation screen.

Image - Add and Reorder Presentation Pages

Note: Mac users are currently able to edit email and letter templates, but no other template types. Windows users are able to edit most templates using Firefox or Chrome, but must use Internet Explorer 10 or 11 to edit Presentations, Labels, and Envelopes.

Reordering Presentation Pages

Click Reorder/Add Pages link a the top left of the presentation window.

Image - Add and Reorder Presentation Pages

To reorder the pages in the list, left click a Page Title and drag it into the location you’d like it to appear in the presentation.

Image - Add and Reorder Presentation Pages

Adding Presentation Pages

To add a new page to the presentation, you must select a page included in another presentation. If you would like to add an additional page that will contain new content that is not currently part of any presentation, add a similar style page and then later edit it to suit your needs. Note that some pages are designed for a specific purpose, such as a Listings page – which would not be suitable for creating, for example, a new Resume page.

  1. In the Add Page box on the right, select the category containing the presentation from which you’d like to add the page.
  2. Select the Template using the pull-down menu.
  3. Left click the Presentation Page in the list and drag it into the list on the left.
  4. The new page will be added in the order it was placed.

To delete a page from the presentation, click the Trash Icon Image - Trash Icon next to the page you wish to delete.

When you have finished making changes, click Done.

Log in to add or reorder presentation pages.

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