Connecting Top Producer CRM to Popular Marketing Services

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So you use MailChimp or BombBomb for your marketing campaigns. You’d like an easy way to send these campaigns to your Top Producer CRM contacts, right? You got it! All you have to do is connect Top Producer CRM to your marketing service, and then send your Top Producer CRM contacts to MailChimp or BombBomb!

Don’t know about MailChimp or BombBomb yet? Click the appropriate link to find out!

Connecting Top Producer CRM to MailChimp or BombBomb

In Top Producer CRM, go to Settings > Marketing > Marketing Services tab. Beside MailChimp or BombBomb, click Connect.


In the Connect to Marketing Service dialog, click Get your API key here (see 1 in the screenshot below) > then, in MailChimp or BombBomb, select your API key and copy it (press CTRL + C on your keyboard).

If you can’t find your API key, see the FAQ below.


Once copied, paste it (CTRL + V) into the API Key field in Top Producer CRM (see 2 in the screenshot above).

Click Save and you’re connected!

Sending your Top Producer CRM contacts to MailChimp or BombBomb

Once you’re connected, you can select the contacts you want to send to your marketing service by performing a search in Top Producer CRM.

If you’re using MailChimp, make sure you have at least one list set up in MailChimp first. We need to know which list you want your Top Producer CRM contacts added to.

  1. Go to Contacts > Search for Contacts and perform your search.

  2. From the Search Results page, select the contacts > click Export Contacts.


  3. Select the marketing service and the list (audience) you want to save your Top Producer CRM contacts to.


  4. Click Export. That’s it! When we’re done, we’ll let you know how the export went.


I'm trying to connect to my marketing service and I receive a message that my API key is incorrect. How do I find out what this is?

Your API key just allows you to connect your marketing service to Top Producer CRM.

To find MailChimp’s API key:

  1. Login to MailChimp, click your name in the top right corner and click Account.
  2. Click Extras > API keys.

    Note: To access the API Key section directly, visit:

  3. Your key appears in the Your API keys section (see below).


    If you don’t have one, MailChimp will tell you (see below). Just click Create a Key.


  4. Once you have your key, select it > press CTRL + C on your keyboard to copy it.
  5. In Top Producer CRM, paste your key in the API Key field (CTRL + V on your keyboard).

To find BombBomb’s API key:

  1. In BombBomb, go to your name in the top right > click My Profile > then click Integrations in the center of your screen.
  2. Highlight the API key with your mouse > press CTRL + C on your keyboard to copy it.


  3. In Top Producer CRM, paste your key in the API Key field (CTRL + V on your keyboard).

Is there a limit to how many Top Producer CRM contacts I can send to MailChimp or BombBomb?

If you’re using MailChimp’s “Free” account, you’re allowed up to 2000 contacts total in your MailChimp account. For details, see MailChimp’s Billing and Pricing article.

If you’re using MailChimp and have a paid plan, or use BombBomb, your limit depends on your plan.

I tried to export my contacts to MailChimp, but I received a message that some of my contacts weren't exported. How do I fix this?

If you see a “Sorry, we couldn’t export some of your contacts to MailChimp. Don’t worry though, we’ll walk you through solving this pesky problem” message, it’s usually caused by 1 of 2 things.


  1. If you’re using a Free MailChimp account, you may have exceeded the 2000 subscriber limit (for details, see MailChimp’s Billing and Pricing article). Top Producer CRM will still send your contacts to MailChimp, but will stop if your subscriber count in MailChimp exceeds 2000.

    If you want to see how many contacts you have in MailChimp, click your name in the top right > click Account. The number of subscribers you have will appear on this page. If it exceeds 2000, just clean up your subscriber list and then try sending your Top Producer CRM contacts again. (See this MailChimp article for tips.)

  2. If the above doesn’t apply, it’s likely that a contact’s email address you are importing has been banned by MailChimp, either by the contact’s request or MailChimp’s. In which case, you wouldn’t want to send marketing email to them anyway. Either the contact has already opted not to receive it, or their domain has been blacklisted (blocked due to suspected email spamming).
  3. It’s important to note that only those contacts with a “banned email address” weren’t sent to MailChimp. Rest assured, all of your other contacts were sent.

I exported my contacts and received a message that it was successful, but not all of my contacts appear in my marketing service. Why is this?

We don’t send contacts to your marketing service if they:

  • Don’t have a primary email address in their record, or the system deems the email address invalid.
  • Have an unsubscribed status in Top Producer CRM (i.e. they’ve unsubscribed from previous Top Producer CRM mailings).

Will contacts that have unsubscribed to my mailings in the past be exported to my marketing service?

No, if a contact is marked as unsubscribed in Top Producer CRM, we’ll automatically remove them so they won’t be exported to MailChimp or BombBomb. We wouldn’t want you labeled a spammer.

I'm part of a team account and don't see the Marketing Services tab under Settings. How do I connect Top Producer CRM with my marketing service?

If you don’t see the Marketing Services tab, it’s likely that you don’t have export permissions in Top Producer CRM. Speak to the responsible agent (account owner) for access.


What exact information is exported to MailChimp/BombBomb?

Names and email addresses.

Login to connect to MailChimp or BombBomb.

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