There may be situations where you don’t need to create a personal copy or a new template, but rather just change a letter template for one activity or contact. Top Producer CRM gives you the added flexibility of changing a template on-the-fly. Modifications will only appear for the one run of the activity.

  1. Open the letter activity.
  2. Go to the Letter Template segment and click the Edit Template link beside the selected template.


  3. The template opens in edit mode.
  4. Make your changes and click the Save Template button.
  5. Whenever you change a template for one run you’ll see a message on the activity’s Letter Template segment.


    Changes you make to this template instance won’t affect any other activities using the same template, or the template itself.

    Note: You must link a contact to the activity before you can modify the selected template for the one run.

Login to edit a template for one mail out.