You may find a letter template you like but that doesn’t perfectly suit your needs. Since you can’t make changes to default templates, you’ll need to create a personal copy.

All default templates are stored in default categories. Personal templates must be stored in their own personal categories. You can create a personal letter template category from the Letter Library page.

  1. Use the Modify List link next to the Show Category drop-down list to open the Personal Letter Categories page. Click the Add Category link to open the Category Details segment below.
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  1. Give your category a descriptive name and click the Save Category button to save it and display it from the Personal Letter Categories page.
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  3. Click the Done button to take you back to the Letter Library page. You can now select a template to copy.

Tip: Add a “#” at the beginning of your personal template category to place it at the top of the category list.

Creating a Personal Letter Template

  1. From the Letter Library page, click the Create Personal copy 3 icon next to a letter template you’d like to copy. The Create Personal Copy page opens
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Note: You can also add a personal category here by clicking the Add link.

  1. Give your personal template copy a name, select a personal category, and click the Save & View Letter button to save and open the copied template in edit mode.