Creating a Personal Copy of an Email Template

You may find an email template you like but that doesn’t perfectly suit your needs. Since you can’t make changes to default templates, you’ll need to create a personal copy. You can create a personal email template category from the Email Library page.

Similar to default templates, which are stored in default categories, personal templates must be stored in their own personal categories.

  1. Use the Modify List link next to the Show Category drop-down list to open the Personal Email Categories page. Click the Add Category link to open the Category Details segment below.

    8i Personal Email   Template

  2. Give your category a descriptive name and click the Save Category button to save it and display it from the Personal Email Categories page.
  3. Click the Done button to take you back to the Email Library page. You can now select a template to copy.

    Tip: Add a “#” at the beginning of your personal template category to place it at the top of the category list.

Creating a Personal Email Template

  1. From the Email Library page, select a category and open an email template you’d like to copy.
  2. The template opens in preview mode on a separate Internet browser tab. Click the Create Personal Copy link to open the Create Personal Copy page.


    Note: You can also add a personal category here by clicking the Add link.

    Note: You can also create a personal template copy by clicking the Create Personal Copy icon next to a default template from the Email Library page.

Log in to create a personal copy.

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