Top Producer® 8i CRM: Creating a New Letter Template

If you’ve reviewed the available default letter templates but you don’t see anything you want to customize, there are two ways to create a template from scratch.

Copy the default Blank Letter Template

The Blank Letter template contains merge codes you may find useful for personalizing your letter. You can always remove any unwanted merge codes or add your own.

  1. Hover over the Marketing icon in the main menu and click Template Library.
  2. Click the Letter Library link to open the Letter Library page.
  3. Choose the “Blank letter” category and open the Blank letter template. This is a default template so you’ll need to create a personal copy.
  4. Add the personal template to your personal category and click the Save & View Letters button to open the template in preview mode on a separate Internet browser tab.
  5. From preview mode, click the Edit Template in Editor link to open the template in the TP Editor. You’ll notice basic merge codes are included, but no body text.

    Note: If you have your own letter that you currently use in another program, like Word or WordPerfect, you can copy and paste the letter text in the blank template by highlighting the text you want to copy and pressing the CTRL and C keys on your keyboard, then moving your cursor to the personal template and pressing the CTRL and V key on your keyboard. When you’re done you’ll have your own letter template in your own database that you can quickly print out for any contact.

  6. Use the editor tools to make any changes you’d like.
  7. Click the Save Template button to save your changes.

Create a New Template

This option will open the editor with a blank template so you can create your own letter from scratch – just add your content and any merge codes you want to use.

  1. Click the Marketing main menu icon to open the Marketing landing page.
  2. Click the Letter Library link to open the Letter Library page.
  3. Click Create New Templateto open the editor with an empty template.

    8i Create New Letter

  4. Type your content and insert any desired merge codes.
  5. When finished, click Save & Close. You will be asked to name your template and choose a personal category in which to save it.
    8i Create New Letter

Note: If you have not yet created a personal category there will be no choices available in the Personal Category drop down menu. You can create a new personal category by clicking the Add link.

  1. Click Save. Your new template is accessible through the Letter Library and is stored within the personal category you selected. 

Log in to create a new letter template.

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