Editing a Personal Postcard Template

Once you’ve created a personal postcard template, you can open it to make format and content changes. For more information on creating a personal postcard template see: Creating a Personal Postcard Template.

Follow the steps below to access your personal postcard templates.

  1. Click the Marketing main menu icon to open the Marketing landing page.
  2. Click the Postcard Library link. This will give you access to all of the postcard templates.
  3. From the Postcard Library page select your personal category from the Show Category drop-down list. Personal templates are indicated with a personal-icon icon.
  4. Hover over the copied template and click the Edit Postcard link to open the personal template in Edit Mode. If you’d like to preview the template with sample information, click the Preview button.


Editing the Template

Note: Mac users are currently able to edit email and letter templates, but no other template types. Windows users are able to edit most templates using Firefox or Chrome, but must use Internet Explorer 10 or 11 to edit Postcards, Labels, and Envelopes.

Once in the edit mode you will be able to adjust the Page Setup, Edit Text, Modify Images and Add/Remove Merge codes to one or both sides of the personal postcard template. Once you have completed your changes, click the Save and Close button at the bottom to return to the Postcard Library.


Page Setup

Top Producer CRM allows you to customize the postcard size and margins for your personal template. Follow the instructions below to adjust the postcard size and margins:

  1. Click the page setup page-setup-icon2icon located in the upper-right of the toolbar. This will give you the paper size options as shown below.


  2. With the Custom size radio button selected manually insert the dimensions of your postcard in inches.
  3. Insert the margins as required
  4. Click the Update button to apply your changes to the postcard template.

Important: Before adjusting the postcard dimensions ensure that you have the correct postcard stock and that your printer supports those dimensions. Due to the differences in printers and printer software settings, a non-standard size postcard may not print correctly on your printer.

Editing Text

From the edit mode you can delete, add and format any of the text displayed within a text box on your personal postcard template. A text box is represented by a blue dotted outlined box as displayed below:

  1. Add text: Place your cursor in the spot within a text box you want to add text and start typing.

    Note: Text can only be added or removed from postcard templates within text boxes. To insert a new text box, click the Insert text box insert-text-icon2 icon located in the upper-right corner of the toolbar. Reposition the text box by hovering your mouse cursor over it until you see a four-headed arrow, or resize when you see a double-headed arrow. To delete a text box, click on one to show a small green square border, then click the Delete button on your keyboard.

  2. Format text: With the text selected you can use the toolbar shown below to change the font and font size, make text bold, italicized, underlined, change text alignment or add numbered and bulleted lists.


  3. Delete text: You can remove text within a text box by selecting highlighting the text you want to remove and pressing the Delete button on your keyboard.

Modifying Images

Using the features available within the edit mode you can add, remove , resize and reposition images within your postcard template.

  1. Adding an Image: Click the insert image insert-image icon located in the upper-right corner of the toolbar. From the Open window select the picture you want to insert and click Open.

    Tip: When you add a new photo to a postcard, a black border is automatically added. To remove the border, click the arrow next to the Frame Styles Frame-Styles-icon icon and click the border-selection-icon border selection to remove the border.

  2. Resize an Image: Click on the image until you see a border of small green squares. Move your mouse cursor over one of the green squares until you see a double-headed arrow. Click (keeping your mouse key depressed) and move the edges until you get the desired size.


  3. Moving an image: To move the picture, hover your mouse cursor over the picture until you see a four-headed arrow, click and drag to move the picture anywhere on the template.

    Note: Top Producer allows you to place one picture on top of another. To set which picture is on the top, use the Bring to front and Send to back image-postion icons in the toolbar.

  4. Deleting an Image: Click on the image until you see a border of small green squares. Press the delete button key on your keyboard.

Add/Remove Merge Codes

Merge codes are used in postcard templates to personalize each of the postcards that get mailed out to your clients. Merge codes already used in the template appear in a yellow box. The name of the merge code identifies what kind of information is pulled from a record when it’s time to run the template. For more information on merge codes, see: What are Merge Codes?

Merge codes can be added to your postcard template using the steps below:

  1. Place your cursor in a text box where you want to add the merge code.
  2. Click the Insert Merge Code link at the bottom of the editor page to open the Insert Merge Code segment below:


  3. Select the Type of merge code that you wish to insert, by clicking either the Text Merge Codes or the Picture Merge Codes radio button. This will populate the Category drop down menu. Merge codes are grouped into categories to make it easier for you to find the ones you need. For an explanation of the list of the available categories see: Merge Code Types.
  4. Select the merge code category from the Category drop-down menu.
  5. Choose the merge code that you wish to insert from the Merge Code drop down menu.
  6. Click the Insert Merge Code button to add the merge code to your template and close the Insert Merge Code segment, or click the Insert & Add Another Merge Code button to insert the merge code and leave the Insert Merge Code segment open.

If you need to delete a merge code, click on the merge code to select it and press the delete button key on your keyboard.

Note: After you have inserted a picture merge code, you can move, resize and position it the same way as a normal image. For further instruction, see: Modifying Images above.

Saving your Changes

When you are done making changes you have the following options at the bottom of the screen:

  • Save – Allows you to save the current changes and continue to keep editing.
  • Save & Close – Saves the current changes and then closes the postcard editor.
  • Preview – Allows you to preview the changes you’ve made.
  • Cancel – Cancels any changes you’ve made since you last saved and closes the postcard editor.

Log in to edit a personal postcard template.

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