Creating a Personal Postcard Template

Top Producer CRM comes with default postcard templates that are preformatted and available in most standard sizes, both single and double-sided. If you’d like to customize a postcard to add, change, or remove content, follow the instructions below:

Important: Before beginning, it is recommended you ensure that you have purchased a postcard size that matches the size of one of the provided postcard templates. While you can adjust the template size when editing your template, due to differences in printers and printer software settings, a non-standard size postcard may not print correctly on your printer.

The first step is to make a copy of a default postcard template that matches the size of the postcard to which you will be printing. Inside the Marketing menu, select Template Library, and then click Postcard Library.

Image - Postcard Library

Copy a Default Template

In the Postcard Library, use the Show Category pulldown menu to browse through the various pre-made templates.

Note: Do not select a postcard from any category labelled LivePost unless you wish to print the postcard using the LivePost service. All LivePost pre-made templates contain special code and sample images that will not print correctly on your local printer.

Hover your cursor over the postcard you wish to use and click the Create Copy Image - Create Copy Icon icon .You can then enter a name for your new template and select the Personal Category in which to save it. When finished, click Save & View Postcard.

Image - Create Postcard Template

Tip: If you have not yet created a Personal Category, click the Add link to add one now. If you’d like your personal category to show up at the top of the category list, enter a special character like # at the beginning of the name.

Edit Your Personal Template

Note: Mac users are currently able to edit email and letter templates, but no other template types. Windows users are able to edit most templates using Firefox or Chrome, but must use Internet Explorer 10 or 11 to edit Postcards, Labels, and Envelopes.

Clicking Save & View Postcard opens the postcard for editing. Here you can delete or add text and mergecodes, add images, or change the positioning of content. Use the editor toolbar at the top to format the template to suit your needs.

Image - Edit Personal Postcard Template

To insert an image, click the Insert Picture Frame from File icon IMAGE - Insert Image Icon in the toolbar. Browse your computer to select the desired image and click Open. The image will appear in the template at its original size. You can reposition the image in the template by using drag-and-drop, and resize the image by clicking and dragging one of the small squares that appear around the image border.

You can preview your new template at any time with sample information by clicking the Preview button.

Once finished editing your template click Save & Close.

Log in to create a personal postcard template.

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