Top Producer® 8i CRM: Creating Default Net Sheet Expenses

Net sheet expenses fall into three categories; closing costs, buying costs, and prepaid costs. By defining default expenses and assign values to them you can shorten the process of creating a high quality net sheet to a matter of minutes. In Top Producer CRM, you can choose to add the default expenses at the time of net sheet creation, or add them later during the editing process.

Default expenses that have been added to a net sheet do not retain any connection with their default values, and can be edited within the net sheet without affecting the entry defined in the Net Sheet Default list.

To create a default expenses for use in buyer and seller net sheets:

  1. Open the Seller Net Sheets screen or the Buyer Net Sheets screen. From the Main Menu bar, go to Applications and select [Buyer/Seller] Net Sheets under the Financial section.
  2. Click the Manage Defaults action link.
  3. From the Net Sheet Defaults screen, select the tab you want to work with (Default Closing Costs, Default Prepaid Expenses, Default Selling Expenses) and click the Add action link.


  4. Define the cost and select whether or not you want it to appear on any Net Sheet reports. Click the Add button.


    Tip: To change any details about the cost, simply click on its row to reopen it for editing. Edit or deleting the cost will not affect net sheets where the cost has already been applied.

Log in to create default net sheet expenses.

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