Top Producer® 8i CRM: Adding a Folder for Income and Expense Tracking

Top Producer CRM’s income and expense tracker gives you an easy-to-use accounting tool for recording and organizing your real estate earnings and expenditures. The feature enables you to create different folders and categories for income and expenses, so you can perform an analysis of your business.

To create a folder for your income and expenses, follow the steps below.

  1. From the Applications main menu item, click Income/Expense Tracker under the Financial section.
  2. The Income/Expense Tracker page opens.
  3. Click the Add Folder link to open the Add Folder segment below.

    IMAGE: 8i Financial - Add   Folder

  4. Give your folder a name. Click the check box if you’d like to password protect the folder, and enter your password.

    Note: If you set a password for a folder, you’ll need to enter it any time you want to open, edit, or delete the folder.

  5. Click the Add Folder button to save the folder. The folder now appears on the Income/Expense Tracker page.

To change the folder name, click the Edit Folder Name IMAGE: 8i Financial - Add Folder icon to change the name or password. Click the Save Folder button to save your changes.

Click the Delete folder IMAGE: 8i Financial - Add Folder icon to remove the folder.

Log in to add an income/expense folder.

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