If you are not seeing Twitter updates within the Social Media Activity section of a Contact Record, follow the below troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure you have properly configured Social Media Integration. Twitter updates will not appear until integration has been established.
  2. Make sure you have configured the Social Media Activity section of this contact to accept Twitter updates from their Twitter profile.
  3. Check to see if this person has posted any updates to their Twitter profile. This can be verified by logging in to your Twitter account and then viewing this contact’s profile page.
  4. Make sure you have selected the correct Twitter profile for this contact. When searching for users, there may be several that have the same name (that could be either different people, or multiple accounts created by the same person) and you may have accidentally chosen one that is not active.
  5. In extremely rare cases, Twitter may be experiencing a temporary service outage. If you cannot access your own Twitter account and instead receive an outage (maintenance) message, Top Producer CRM will not be able to access the updates.
  6. If none of the above resolve the issue, try removing Social Media Integration and then re-configuring. This may be necessary if you have changed your Twitter account password. Removing and re-configuring integration will not remove the Social Media settings contained within each contact record.

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